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Black or white

No description

Frank Ortega

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Black or white

Frank is seeking a finance degree at Utep. He would like to get an internship within the El Paso community, but he would like to work for a nonprofit organization. Frank is a full time student on a budget, and would like to work somewhere close to school. His degree plan requires that he interns at any organization of his choice as long as he logs a minimum of 20 hours a week with the organization. Questions to ask before solving:

• What are the requirements for the internship?

• What hours is he available to work?

• How will this affect his school schedule? Solution:

Frank has found an internship with the YWCA. It requires a GPA of 3.0 or above. Also, the Organization requires a background check, and a drug test prior to employment. Once he has passed both the background check and the drug test, he must complete a CPR certification and an orientation with the organization. Once he completes the one week orientation he can begin his internship providing personal, family financial planning, and education services for the organization. The financial planning classes he is required to give are scheduled on the second Saturday of every month. The only requirement John (his boss) has, is that he must approve the presentation and all material Frank incorporates. Personal and family financial planning services can be handled by appointment. Due to his school schedule, he will not be available to work Mondays or Wednesdays. Therefore, he is unable to schedule any appointments with any members of the community interested in the services, on those days. Argument:
Developing a presentation and putting together material for the financial service class takes frank longer than he expected, and he begins to lag behind in some of his classes. Not only is Frank’s internship on the line, but also his GPA is in jeopardy. Alternative Solutions: Solution 1:
Frank can go to John and ask him to show him previous presentations he has approved. He can also go and speak with his professors, explain his situation and try to extend his deadlines.
Solution 2:
Another option for Frank is to use time management strategies, such as:
•Prioritizing his assignments.
•Create a daily checklist, in which he dedicates a fair amount of time on each task.
•Create a not to do list (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) (Emotional) Once Frank starts his volunteer work at YWCA he is assigned to work with an African American employee. The employee complains to Frank that management treats him and all the other African American, as well as the Hispanic employees differently from the White employees. Frank starts to observe the behavior of management towards the African American, and the Hispanic employees and discovers that management does seem to be treating them different from the White employees. Several of the White employees concur that management does treat African Americans and Hispanics different; however none of them would go into any details. Questions to ask before solving:
•How should Frank address this issue?
•What is Frank’s strategy for addressing this issue?
•How should Frank report this to the Faculty member in charge of his internship?
•How should Frank report this to the person in charge at the YWCA? Problem: Physical Solution:
Frank needs to address this issue very carefully due to the sensitivity of the issue. He decides to come up with a strategy.

Write down everything that has been observed.
Go through notes and write down everything to say when reporting.
Practice exactly what to say when reporting the situation.

Frank decides to go to Joe, the professor at the University in charge of his internship, and explain the situation to him. He explains that management at the center treats all the White employees differently from the Black and Hispanic employees. He also explains that some of the White employees have agreed that they are treated differently by management; none of them would give any details. Joe recommended that Frank go to John, his boss at the center and explain the situation to him. Joe decided he was going to go to John and explain the situation to him. He has to make sure he is careful to explain everything exactly as he has observed due to the sensitivity of the issue so that John can make the best decision on how to deal with this situation. Arguments:
Frank is not sure if he wants to report this or not because racism is such a sensitive subject in today’s society.
Reporting this could cause problems in the center as well as with Frank’s internship. He is afraid that if he reports this it will negatively affect his internship.
Frank does not want to cause any problems within the center because he is the new guy that is not going to be there very long anyway, and he has no idea how long this has been going on, and he is afraid management will come down on him for reporting this situation.
Reporting this situation could also create potentially dangerous racial tension among employees. Reporting this could also affect the entire community, because if there is racial tension at the center it could put the neighborhood kids that use the center in danger. The circumstantial: While interning at the YWCA, Frank witnesses a dispute between two women who are in the process of registering for the early childcare and early education program. One of the females involved in the dispute is a hispanic woman who claims that her application is taking longer than most because of her ethnicity . The woman claims that she has witnessed several white families come in for the same programs and get helped immediately. Frank has witnessed other minorities come in and make the same claims. The woman feels she is being discriminated against because of her race and wants action to be taken immediately. Since he witnessed the incident and no other employees are willing to put themselves forward to resolve the issue Frank feels obligated to help her situation.The process for reporting such an incident is extensive and is taken very serious. He must file a report on the incident and agree to appear in court if needed, however , Frank knows he cannot commit to such obligations per his school schedule. Without anyone willing to step forward and back the claims made by the woman Frank knows he has a difficult decision to make. Questions to ask before solving

•How should Frank approach the situation?

•What kind of attitude should he take?

•How should Frank address the issue in his final reflection and presentation?

•What is his strategy for including/not including this situation in his presentation? Solution:
Frank must consider the severity of the issue and contemplate all outcomes. Morally Frank should do anything he can to help the woman and her struggle to find equality. In his final reflection and presentation the issue of race and discrimination should be discussed. Frank should present how the issue of racism can come up even in a place such as YMCA, where they are dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. The strategy is for Frank to touch on the situation he witnessed as an intern in order for his peers to become aware that we have not come as far as a society as portrayed by the media. Argument:

The argument could be made that the services are limited at YWCA and due to the current state of the economy only a certain amount of people can be helped and eliminate race as a factor. Some might argue that racism is a touchy subject and that most people are not comfortable talking about it or ready to recognize it. Also the fact that we currently have a black president may allow people to rule out racism or discrimination as a relevant topic. The End
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