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Dan Eldon: The Journey is the Destination

The life of Dan Eldon

Madison Conlay

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Dan Eldon: The Journey is the Destination

Dan Eldon was the fearless son of Mike and Kathy Eldon. He was born on September 18th, 1970 in London. Three years after the birth of his sister, Amy, the family of four moved to Nairobi, Kenya. Dan began his education at the British school in Nairobi, where he developed a fear of school after his teacher hit him with an old sneaker many times. He convinced his parents to let him transfer to the International School of Kenya. He accomplished many personal triumphs there, including climbing
Mt. Kenya. Dan also lived in a Maasai village and visited many different geographical features in the country, including the island of Lamu. At age 12, Dan experienced the aftermath of the 1982 coup. He followed his journalist mother on her assignments, and began taking his own photos. Some were used in the local newspapers. Dan Eldon At age 14, Dan and Amy raised $5,000 for a friend's open heart surgery fund. Due to neglect by the hospital, the girl died. At age 15, he bought Maasai jewelry and sold it to his friends to raise money for the the Maasai. Perhaps the greatest way we remember Dan is by his journals. He completed 17 journals in his 22 years, which reflected his personality and deepest thoughts. "The journey is the destination." "What is the difference between exploring and being lost?" o During his high school years, Dan held dances in the shed (mkebe: tin) to raise money for his latest cause. During his high school years, Dan hosted dances in the mkebe (Swahili word for tin or shed) behind his house. He would charge a few shillings to enter, and the money would fund his latest cause. He also created his own t-shirt line for the same reason. Graduated from the International School of Kenya in 1988.
Won the Interantional Relations and Community Service Award.
Voted Most Outstanding Student by his classmates After graduation, Dan decided to move back to America for a year off before college. He lived in New York city, which he described as lonely, cold, and unhappy. Visiting 46 countries and studying seven languages by the end of high school creates quite an impressive resume. Dan was hired by Mademoiselle Magazine as the youngest worker ever hired. In January of 1989, Dan moved to Pasadena, California to study at Pasadena Community College. In less than a year, Dan was searching for a way back to Africa. He decided to plan a trip for his friends across five African countries. While researching this trip with a friend, they drove around in his Land Rover, Desiree. The boys ran into a lot of trouble along the way, and usually just barely escaped. They soon found that spending the night in prisons was usually the most secure alternative to motels. The prison wardens got a nice kick out of it too!
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