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OnBase Overview

No description

Navin Ghaffarian

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of OnBase Overview

For System Administrators
System Architecture
Production Environment
1. Application Server
2. Database/File Server
3. Web Server

Test Environment
Snapshot of our Production Environment
OnBase Roles
Business Analyst
Project Lead/Manager
Functional Area Admin
Scan Admin
System Administrator

Hyland Sales Representative - Denise Jenc
Hyland Consultants
How We Use It?
OnBase is enterprise content management system.
At we are using it primarily for document and records management.
ESOC Contract - Process, Policy & Procedures, etc.
Human Resources - Employee Records
Accounting - Invoice Records
Data Configuration
1. Disk Groups
2. Document Type Group
3. Document Types
4. Keywords
5. Custom Queries
6. Document Import Process
7. Scan Queues
8. User Groups
9. Users
10. Security
SGT OnBase Overview
Training Agenda
General Functionality
Document Imaging
Bulk Import (DIP Process)
Server Activities
OnBase Clients
ESOC Portal
ESOC end users, visitors

Web Client
End user client accessed via web

Unity Client
End user client accessed via desktop application (requires VPN or RDP)

Thick Client
Powerusers, scanning, and bulk importing (requires VPN or RDP)

Configuration Client
Admins (requires VPN or RDP)

Implementation intensive
Wrapping up and moving onto next area...
Managing project schedules
Plan, Requirements, Plan...
Scope creep issues common with broad applications
Requires dedicated resources to manage and expand functionality
Robust document automation tool
Currently being used at a basic level
Can automate paper intensive processes (i.e. invoicing)
Integrates well with CostPoint 7 and SharePoint
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