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Pacific Northwest Student Government Roundtable

Knowledge is POWER! This leading edge event allows all involved to gain insights & build student power in their region.


on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Pacific Northwest Student Government Roundtable

How can you get more out of my day? As Student Leaders your time is constantly in demand.... Free Lunch w/Similar Roles

Multiple Position Themed Sessions

Door Prizes

Snack Bar

Share Your Vision

Hear TONS of NEW Ideas

Build Valuable Partnerships

Brag About How You Put the 'Cool' Back in sChOOL Come Join the Fun @ Western Oregon If You PLAN to Be In Attendance RSVP by 12am Nov 1st Répondez, S'il Vous Plaît, The answer has finally arrived! Pacific Northwest
Student Government Roundtable How can you get more students involved? How do I deal with staff conflict? Is there a better budget model out there? Am I reaching out enough to other groups on campus? And we have a million questions that need answered WESTERN OREGON UNIVERSITY NOVEMBER 10th 2012 10:00am - 5:00pm Join us at the 3rd Annual Accommodations: 1. Courtesy Inn-
Mention "Western Oregon Rate"
Single King - $72+tax
Double Queen - $76 plus tax
2 people per room and $5/extra person
http://www.courtesyinnmonmouth.com/ 2. If You Can Not Afford a Hotel Room Let Us Know and
We Will Try and Find You a Place to Bunk on Campus Aswou@wou.edu Geared to Benefit:
Chiefs of Staff
ASG Presidents
Public Relations Teams
Student Activity Boards
Business and Finance Teams
Campus Student Organizers and Their Teams
ANYONE ELSE Interested in Student Leadership This Announcement is Brought to You by The
Associated Students of Western Oregon University See You November 10th at Western Oregon University PRESS PLAY
-------> An
Of, By, and For the Students
Production Phone contacts can call us at (503) 838-8555 We Of Course Welcome Any Questions or Concerns You May Have as Well
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