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Ancient India: Empires and Advancements

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Kevin Donohue

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Ancient India: Empires and Advancements

Indian Empires and Achievements Mauryan Empire - 320 BC: Candragupta Maurya goes to war
- Army and spies control India
- 270 BC: Asoka becomes king, expands Empire
- Converts to Buddhism and ends war
- Builds well and road network
- 184 BC: Last King killed, disunity Gupta Dynasty - 320 AD Candra Gupta begins expansion
- Hindusim popularized
- Supported Buddhism and Jainism
- Institute caste system - solid classes based on
- 500s - Hun invasions end Gupta Empire Literature - Sanskrit writings dominate
- Mahabharata - struggle between two families
- Ramayana - Prince Rama's story
- Panchatantra - collection of fables Art - Temples: adorned with paintings, architecture
- Colorful art
- Abundant statues
- Focus on religious art (Hindusim & Buddhism) Science - Metallurgy - the science of working with metals
- Alloys - mixtures of metals
- Iron alloys employed in architecture and weapons
- Hindu-Arabic numerals
- Created zero
- Inoculation - injection of virus to build up defenses
- Early surgeons
- Astronomers - 7 planets, round earth, rotations
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