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HSC Drama- Individual Project

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Matthew Fields

on 23 October 2018

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Transcript of HSC Drama- Individual Project

HSC Drama- Individual Project 2017-16
Time to decide your path!

What is the individual Project?
In Year 12 you need to do an individual project.
This project is to be completed all by yourself with your teacher more of a mentor than someone who can give you ideas. This project will be worked on continually while you complete your HSC and requires lots of time and effort.
When thinking about what you might like to do remember to focus on:
What you are good at
What you are passionate about/ interested in
What you think you might enjoy
Critical Analysis
There are three types of Critical Analysis:
Directors Portfolio
Theatre Criticism
Applied Research Project

This will be a good project type for you if you have a great love for the theatre and are interested in how it is made on every level.You will need good design skills and writing skills
You need to have a clear understanding of the designer's role in their chosen area. The designer perceives a play as a whole production and develops a design that is a visual representation of this production. The areas of design in the HSC course are:

iii.Promotion and Program

The Individual Project: Performance will consist of:

•a 300 word rationale

•a solo performance of 6-8 minutes duration based on:

◦excerpts or a combination of excerpts from one or a number of scripts or dramatised texts OR the student's own self-devised material

◦a realisation of a coherent theatrical statement demonstrating a clear sense of dramatic purpose, shape and structure.

•performances must be an individual performance. There should be no other students on stage, or off stage, accompanying the performance with live music, vocal sound effects or acting as a prompt.

•The Individual Project: Performance will be presented to the visiting examiners on the same occasion as the examination of the Group Performance.

•It is in the student's best interests to work within the specified time frame. Performances under time will be penalised and those significantly over time will be stopped by the examiners.

This project will involve writing a script for a complete play for live performance. Students should work within the parameters of this project. Scripts significantly under length will be penalised and material that exceeds the stipulated length will be disregarded.

The project will include:
•a 300-word rationale
•a script for a complete play which is of approximately 15 minutes running time or 15­25 pages.
•stage directions in sufficient detail to show the practicability for a live production
•scriptwriting conventions such as character/role list and dialogue formatting. The script must be typed on A4 size paper with double spacing in Times New Roman 12 point.

So now you need to think about what you might like to do. It's a big decision, as this is the project you will be spending almost a year on. Remember how important it is to be consistently working on this throughout the next few terms, including your log book. We want to try to reduce the stress of this project as much as possible.

See me if you want to discuss any of your thoughts of what you might like to do!
Video Drama
This project will involve the preparation of a short but complete Video Drama which will be a narrative developed by the student. Students should work within the parameters of this project. Video Dramas significantly under time will be penalised and material that exceeds the stipulated time limit will be disregarded.

The project will include:

•a 300-word rationale in the form of a director's concept/vision for the Video Drama
•a Video Drama which must be 5 to 7 minutes in length and submitted in VHS format. It will require the student to undertake the roles of writer, director, camera operator and editor.

Criteria for examining Individual Project: Video Drama

•Originality, clarity and integrity of the directorial vision and its realisation as a video drama.
•Effectiveness of narrative construction and screenwriting.
•Ability to convey the narrative using appropriate video language.
•Skill in framing the action using camera angles, focus, shot length, shot size, movement, light, perspective and/or special effects to create dramatic meaning.
•Skill in directing the dramatic action for the screen.
•Selection of appropriate production elements such as location, lighting, costume, casting.
•Skill in editing for dramatic meaning with particular reference to tension, pace and mood.
•Use of appropriate sound and music to enhance dramatic meaning.
•Skill in placing titles and other relevant post-production effects.

The project must include:

•a 300-word rationale in the form of a director's concept/vision a comprehensive discussion of the director's concept/vision integrating the dramatic and theatrical elements
•an outline of the design concepts for set, costumes and lighting
•a discussion of the approach to working with actors in rehearsal
•descriptions and explanations of key theatrical elements, features, effects or images which contribute to dramatic meaning
•an analysis of the text and discussion of the research that has influenced the ideas for the production
•a statement about the intended experience for the audience.

Portfolio of theatre criticism
This is basically writing some in depth reviews of a number of plays that you need to take yourself throughout the year. markers look for students who:
•wrote in a formal, sophisticated and often elegant style
•could criticise objectively and support their criticism through detailed and substantiated reference to the play
•displayed strong evidence of research and knowledge of theatre style or background of the play. Such material was evident in the logbook and, most importantly, incorporated into the portfolio.
•wrote in a formal, yet fluent manner and used a coherent structure which included all relevant areas of production. That is, they wrote in a review style, as opposed to an extended English essay
•usually had seen a comprehensive range of theatre, which enabled them to showcase their knowledge of the syllabus, their facility and versatility with the practice of reviewing theatre

Directors Portfolio
Applied Research Project
The submitted project should be approximately 3500 words in length. Students should work within the parameters of this project. A project significantly under length will be penalised and material that exceeds the stipulated length shall be disregarded.

The Applied Research Project will take the form of a structured report on the results of investigative research into the work of:

•an individual artist, performance group or theoretician in drama
•a specific dramatic text or production
•a theatre arts body
•a critical or technical issue in drama or theatre

The individual project for costume design allows you to create costumes that communicate dramatic meaning. The designs are constructed so they work in harmony with the other theatrical elements around them and support the dramatic meaning of the play. You should undertake this project area if you:

1.enjoy design
2.understand colours
3.can develop a directorial concept for a play
4.can manage a detailed and complex project
5.understand how design interacts with character, script, staging and the other elements of production and performance.

•a floor plan of the stage indicating significant set features
•a plan showing the location of the lantern positions
•an indication of gel colours and lanterns used for the production and the area that each light covers
•a list and description of the lanterns and gels used for the lighting of the two chosen scenes and a description of their impact on the dramatic action, mood and style
•a cue sheet and running script indicating the lighting state changes and cue points in the two scenes chosen.

Program Poster and Promotion
Criteria for examining Individual Project: Design (Promotion and Program)

Design concept/vision

Appropriateness and execution of visual elements

Appropriateness and execution of written materials
Set Design
The set design must be for an identified performance space and will consist of:

•a 300-word rationale in the form of a director's concept/vision
•a three-dimensional model built to a scale of 1:25 metric or computer-aided design submitted as hard copy which depicts the set design. The model or computer-aided design must be a precise miniature or representation of the stage and setting and should include a human figure to convey proportion. The model must be of sturdy construction and a fixed assembly. The packaged weight of the project must not exceed 15 kilograms
•a floor plan of the set design in the scale of 1:25 metric with an indication of the performance space's dimensions, audience configuration and sightlines
•a description and diagrams of any set or scenic changes in the production. Students should work within the parameters of this project. Projects submitted with items missing will be penalised. Material that exceeds the stipulated requirements will be disregarded.

Are you a good performer?
Are you good at learning lines?
Do you understand the
performance elements?
2012 Video Drama Example
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