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trip to the Philippines

No description

Miya Shultz

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of trip to the Philippines

Philippines Tourist attractions The Philippines is an island in the Pacific ocean. Also the Philippines is close to China, and Australia. If you are at your hotel and decide that you would like to go swimming, Their is either a swimming pool in your hotel or you could go to the beautiful lake of Kayagan. Just take a bus to this wonderful cite to see. You will fly from the CVG (Cincinnati-Norther Kentucky) airport into MNL (Manila airport). Lodging & Transportation You should pack a:
rain coat
tank top
PJ's History & General Overview Nature: Philippines Cites to see! It has perfect blue-green waters which are great to swim.
You can see so many colorful fish.
Also you could just have a relaxing time with your family their. The bus that will take you will drive on the right side of the rode.It is called a Jeepneys (taxi) Your flight is 27hours & 20min to the Philippines and from it 27hours and 44min. You will have 2 lay overs, one in Chicago (ORD), and one in Seoul (INC) Your hotel is 3.9 miles away from your airport. Your hotel is four stars. The temperature will be an average temp. of 80 degrees Fahrenheit' and it will be warm most of the time plus it will be extremely wet. FOOD The Philippines serve: rice
egg rolls One of the most popular foods are Halo-Halo. tour of an underground river the Kayangan lake a fun bat cave Museums: Ayala Museum Metropolitan museum Other entertainment: Rizal park swimming with whale sharks Manila Zoo COST The Philippines use pesos 1 U.S. dollar is about 44 peso 1 U.S.= 41.0638 PHP major streets have money changers sometime they are all lined up in rows, (the sighs that show they are money changers are all in English) Each ticket is $1,729
to ride a Jeepneys is 7 peso
food depends on what you get
entertainment also depends on what you do Restaurants: The beautiful island of the Philippines Come on down to the Philippines were every thing is fun, peaceful, and a place were you can just relax. Lodging & transportation The hotel your staying in is the G hotel by a water frount. The hotel includes: Free wireless internet, Free breakfast buffet, Free newspaper, Free parking, Swimming pool, Hair dryer, Room service, restaurant in the hotel High speed internet. All of those things above can help the 4 of you have an nicer stay You will be traveling with a 11year old and a 10 year old
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