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Elnor Motors presentation

Elnor Motors company presentation

Bart Demarsin

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Elnor Motors presentation

Design and manufacturing of custom-specific motors
Asynchronous and DC electric motors
Range of 20W to 2.5kW in 5 frame sizes.
Products focused on specific market segments
Manufacturing in batches to customer order
2012 production: 60 000 motors
FY2012 turnover : 5,6 M€
Exports: 95%
40 employees, 10 white collars & 30 blue collar workers.
Over 100 years experience in motor manufacturing

Liquid pumping
Tom Paesmans
General Manager
Eddy Smets
Koen Wouters
Planning & Logistics
Bart Demarsin
Gust Robijns
Production & HR
Joeri Van Emelen
Fuel dispensers
Vapour recovery
Gas pumps
Air compression
Vacuum pumps
Product range
Heating & ventilation
Liquid pumping
Gas pumps
Heating & ventilation
Quality & certifications
ISO9001-2008 quality system
UL/CSA available for some motors
ATEX production and product certificates
IEC-EX production and product certificates
INMETRO Brazil certification
General design: Exd IIB (IIC) T3 to T6
Wide range of 1~ph , 3~ph and DC motors, spread over 5 different frame sizes.
All models are ATEX certified (harmonized European standard)
IEC-Ex global approval is available for our BA300 + 200 motor range.
Mechanical and electrical execution as per customer requirements.

ATEX design
Motor example:
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