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Personal Branding

No description

Kat Shanahan

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Personal Branding

Kat Shanahan - UC Promotions Coordinator, UW-Whitewater
Kat Shanahan
Personal Branding
What do you do better than anyone else?
What are your top values?
What do people frequently compliment you on or praise you for?
What do people come to you for?
How do you do what you do? What makes the way you achieve results interesting or unique?
What are your true passions?
Foundation Questions
Register custom URLs
Do research on who else has your name/identity
Decide how much time you dedicate to building your brand and online presence
Establishing your brand
Personal Branding Toolkit
Business Cards
Social Media
Email Address
Why is this important?
Social Media
Know your purpose
If it's online, it's not protected
Helps you control your brand
Don't say or do things you would not do in public
Common Mistakes
Thinking your posts are protected
Posting the same thing to all platforms at the same time
Not updating social media accounts regularly
Placing a greater emphasis on logos and imaging and not on customer service
More than one Facebook account
Selfies as LinkedIn profile pictures
No social media/digital presence
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