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The Future of Projects: BIM and IDP

Find out what BIM is really all about (hint: it’s not just Revit), and how LEED strategies that are used to design more energy-efficient buildings can also make your projects more profitable.

Kim Osborne

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of The Future of Projects: BIM and IDP

Building Information Model Revit
Structure Revit
Architecture Revit
MEP AutoCAD e-SPECS Traditional
Deliverables Concept Revit Sketchup 3DS Max Rhino Computational
Design Rhino/Grasshopper Galapagos Full conference materials available at: www.ConferencePassport.com/Greenbuild Access code: SAKD9477 The Future of Projects: Presented by: Kim Osborne February 12, 2013 Building Information Modeling and the Integrative Design Process Drivers of Change Performance Verification Legislation Mandatory Reporting ASHRAE Standards 90.1 and 189.1 Ontario Building Code International Green Construction Code Europe (upon sale, lease or other transaction)
US: NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Philadelphia Fees tied to Building Performance Building Data Fabrication Model Access Codebook Vico Innovaya Rhino Inventor Digital Project Tekla Performance Simulation and Analysis Quality Assurance Navisworks Design Review Solibri IES DIVA for Rhino Green Building Studio Energy Plus Open Studio TRACE eQUEST Design Builder Building
Geometry Element Properties Cost &
Schedule Building
Data Data Tools Data Filters Analysis Tools Key Elements of
Efficient Design Benchmarking Block Information Pivot Tables! "Integrating Environmental Analysis into a BIM Workflow" Joyce Chan
Paul Stoller
Amy Patel Architect, Sustainable Design Manager, HOK Director, Environmental and Lighting Designers, Atelier Ten Associate, buildingSMART Specialist, HOK "The Integrative Design Process and LEED" John Boecker
Bill Reed Where else have you seen this problem? Building envelope Plumbing Heating &
Cooling Architecture Lighting Structure Building Materials Layout Site Location Function Interior
design elements Owner Architect General Contractor Structural
Engineer Subcontractors MEP
Engineer Maintenance Electrical
Engineer Mechanical
Engineer MS Excel Autocool ETAP MacLeamy Curve 1. Ability to impact performance
2. Cost of design changes
3. Traditional design process
4. Desired design process What is BIM? How does BIM work? What works... Think of the most agonizing projects you have worked on.

Think of the most fulfilling projects you have worked on. What made the difference? Aspects of
Design ...and what doesn't Process Optimization Integrated Project Delivery
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