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ST.Kentigerns church tour by roza

about st.kentigerns church

Gemma Stocks

on 14 July 2011

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Transcript of ST.Kentigerns church tour by roza

St.Kentigerns church tour
by Roza The church was built in 1932. When the church was built it cost £22,000. St.Kentigerns church has been here for 100 years. The church was opened and completed in 1931. First mass was on August 22nd 1931. St.Kentigern St.Kentigern was known
for by his pet name ''Mungo.'' HERE IS A POEM
The bird that never flew,
The tree that never grew,
The bell that never rang,
The fish that never swam. St.Kentigern's
feast day is January
13th. St.Kentigerns school There are 214
children in St.Kentigern's school. The school was bulit
in 1904 Mrs Wygladala has been
the headteacher for the past
ten years. St.Kentigern died
on 19th in
the year ad 603.
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