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Parts of the brain and what injuries will do

No description

Mr. Stack

on 3 April 2018

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Transcript of Parts of the brain and what injuries will do

The Frontal Lobe helps the brain in planning,organizing,problem solving,
,impulse control,decision making,
selective attention,controlling our behavior and
emotions.The left frontal lobe plays a large role in speech and language.
Injury to the Frontal Lobe may affect :emotions,
impulse control,language,memory and social behavior.
The Frontal Lobe is on the side of the brain.
The Motor Cortex separates the Frontal Lobe and the Parietal Lobe.The Frontal Lobe also
touches the Temporal Lobe, which is
located at the bottom of the Frontal
The Parietal Lobe
The parietal lobe integrates
sensory information

from various parts
of the body.The parietal lobe also contains
the primary sensory cortex,which controls
sensation.The parietal lobe ba
sically helps us
keep our balance.
The parietal lobe is located at the opposite side from the frontal lobe.It touches the motor cortex as well.

The occipital lobe is responsible
for recieving and producing visual
information,it also contains areas
that help in perceiving shapes and colors.
Injury to the occipital lobe may affect:
Distortion to the visual field and perceptions of size,color and shape.The occipital lobe is
located at the side of the head.

The Brainstem
The Brainstem helps the
body by breathing,heart rate
blood pressure and swallowing.
Injury to the Brainstem may affect:
heart rate,breathing, and swallowing
Injury to the Parietal Lobe may affect:
The ability to locate parts of the body and the

ability to recognize parts of the body.
The Cerebellum
The cerebellum helps the brain by
balance,movement and coordination.
Injury to the cerebellum may affect:
movement,muscle tone and gait.
The Temporal Lobe
The Temporal Lobe helps the
brain by recognizing and processing
sound,understanding and processing
speech and remembering something by
having background information.
Injury to the Temporal Lobe may affect:
Hearing,language,the ability to recognize
somebody by their face and processing sensory
Parts of the Brain and What Happens if
They are Injured
By: Yahvi Johri
Credit from Brainline.com
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