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Teaching Strategies for Classsroom Teachers of ELLs

Learn strategies for providing a better work environment for ELL students.

Hailee Holliday

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Teaching Strategies for Classsroom Teachers of ELLs

Essential Strategies

know and believe in your students
know your text
have a clear purpose for the lesson
use, teach and reinforce academic language
include multiple opportunities for student interaction
provide strong support
expect students to take responsibility
provide conprehensible input
use technology
understanding the culture of your students http://learning.snagfilms.com/film/immersion USE TECHNOLOGY
diigo www.diigo.com/user/espanola Know and Believe in Your Students

operate with high expectations for ALL of your students
know about language acquisition and charactertistics of the developmental stages

Know Your Text

identify the supports and the challenges
determine how to scaffold their understanding
look at the language Maintain a Clear Purpose for the lesson

having a literacy or a content objective along with a language objective

Use, Teach, Reinforce Academic Language

academic language is multidimensional
requires accuracy in vocabulary and in grammar, varied register for varying audiences, use of cohesive devices to link ideas Include Multiple Opportunities for Student-To-Student Interaction

opportunities for students to interact with each other, to practice oral language, building academic language that they can use in their reading and their writing
opportunities to produce language
time for students to engage in using language helps them develop language. Provide Strong Supports

support partner and small group work
spend time talking about what they already know in relation to the key ideas of the text
build their knowledge of the content Expect Students to Take Responsibility for Their Learning

releasing responsibility to students to become actively engaged in their own learning
help our students establish goals for themselves Provide Comprehensible Input
the learner must understand the message that is conveyed
teachers need to speak more slowly
use gestures and body language to get across the meaning to ELLs Understanding the Culture of Your Student

culture affects language acquisition and behavior
promote high self-esteem and cultural pride
teach the "hidden curriculum"
better understand the cultures of your students
don't interpret the behavior of others through the eyes of your own culture



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