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Rocio castro

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of GREEN RACE

Kids Races
Ecological Fair
Besides the 10K race and the 3K race our kids had an extra chance to run.

In groups organized by age, more than 300 kids from 1 year to 14 years, ran during the Eco fair. This races started at 9:30 a.m. and all the parents were there to support their child.
La Rodadora sponsored the prizes for the winners with tickets for their 3D Cinema.

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
On your mark, get set, GO!
we recived more than 30 ecological proyects
Ecological project winners announced
BRP In Partnership with the U.S. Consulate organized a city-wide race and an ecological fair on May 18th.
More than 1,900 runners, from kids to adults and even elderly, attended to the event.

The first race of the day, the 10K, started at 8:00 a.m in Las Misiones Mall's Parking lot and after half an hour the first runner made it to the finish line. On this race more than 800 runners participated.

We also had a recreational race of 3K, starting in the same place but with a different course. More than 400 adults, kids and even dogs ran showing their love for nature.

In this event, that was all about the care of the environment, we had an ecological fair full with surprises by our special guests such as Juárez limpio, La Rodadora, Fundación Pedro Zaragoza, clínica medica internacional, AXXA seguros, Ecorecicle and Medicos de la frontera.
After the Green committee, conformed by the American Consulate, BRP, Juárez Limpio, Colegio de la Frontera Norte and the Fundación Comunitaria de la Frontera Norte, thoroughly reviewed all the ecological projects, the final three winners were announced during the Green Race Award Ceremony by Fernando Ayala, BRP's Human Resources Director, and the General Consul Ian Brownlee.
One of the winners was Gloria Dolores Payan whose project consists on implementing an irrigation system for the 340 trees they have in one of the parks of their neighborhood. Her project was sponsored for $6, 300 mexican pesos.
Another sponsored project is for Gustavo Ruiz from the group
Punta de lanza
whose project consists in cleaning and reforest some parts of our Historic Center like the Acequia Madre, Plaza Benito Juárez, El mercado Juárez, Plaza del Mariachi, etc. This amazing project was sponsored for $18,398.70 mexican pesos
And finally Carolina Rosas Heimpel whose project consists in reforest different parts of the city and give workshops of urban gardening for the community. This project was sponsored for $15,500 mexican pesos.

All this amazing projects focuses on having a Greener city and to increase the sustainability of our environment. We expect this projects to bear fruit in the following months. We wish them the best of luck during the process.
This event was full of activities, not only for grown ups, in fact we think that kids are a key factor to start making a change in the way we treat our planet and for that to happen we need to inculcate them a bond with nature.
To accomplish that, we took common games and gave them an

One example of that is our version of
Snakes & ladders
in which ladders represented positive actions like planting a tree and snakes represented negative actions like throwing garbage. Another
game we had was
In this game you had to turn cards with ecological advices, like change regular light bulbs for Energy efficient light bulbs, and make the most number of pairs. And finally the
also with images related to recycling, the environment and sustainability.

Around 400 kids came to play with us and participated in the other activities from our guests, one example is La Rodadora, who helped us with a game to teach kids the correct way to separate garbage in containers

Gallery & Winners
Green Race & Ecological Fair Results
Our guests also showed their commitment to the cause. This is what the came up with.
U.S Consulate -
Adopt a tree
(More than 500 afghan pines found a new home)
Juárez Limpio -
Basic Habits (
innovative games for more than 300 kids)
Fundación Zaragoza -
Family Orchards
(workshop to raise your own vegetables at home & Use of solar energy, Also they gave away more than 400 herbs of cilantro, chili pepper and Onion to start the Orchards.
Clínica Médica Internacional -
Electronic Waste
(Collection of electronic Waste for a correct disposal)
AXXA Seguros -
- Composting
(Composting Workshops)

More than 700 cylinders exchanged for plastic Bottles.
One of the biggest challenges was to organize the Eco fair, and for this, lots of organizations came aboard to help us and spread the word about the care of the environment.
The activities of the eco fair started at 8:00 a.m and ended up at 1:00 p.m. Many organization set up a booth to share information about their company's environmental commitment and also many of them did workshops for the community.

We had around 2,000 visitors

More than:

1,500 Visitors
40,000 pesos to sponsor green projects
1,900 runners
30 green projects registered
5.5 tons of electronic waste collected
by now.
Watch the video here
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