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Child Rights

read first

Cameron Tai

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Child Rights

By Chloe, Royce, Cameron and Karina WHAT ARE THEY? CHILD RIGHTS These are some child rights:
go to school
play with friends
have clean water
have food to eat
feel safe
have a place to live in
the right to live
the right to not be abused or trafficked
The right to have a name
The Right to Privacy
The right to practise your own religion Child rights are rights :

for children to survive,
􀁶to be safe,
to belong
and to develop.

All children have their rights to live a happy childhood. First things first... BUT DID YOU KNOW?! Bibliography Here are some basic facts:

Child labour is any form of work that robs a child of their right to security, freedom, education, play, physical development and health.

Some child labour can be hazardous work like carrying heavy objects which can injure children. Child Labour ................. No, not every child has these rights!

Some children in India are so poor that:

They collect fallen coal from trains so that they can sell them...

Only 53% of children go to school

Some are forced into child labour to earn money instead of going to school!!! Child labour can kill...

Some consequences are:

continuous cycle of poverty
lack of education, illiteration
lack of opportunities
child abuse
lots of sicknesses lolololololllolo Theres more... child labour isn't just restricted to cigarette packaging, it can also be used for farming etc. Did you know that some companies like Nike and Puma use child labourers, but why? Child labour- behind the scenes? 1. It's cheap-companies want money- children don't get paid much in those factories...
2. Theres more children than adults that can work for them and most poor children need a job Many other child labour prezi's One Happy Community UN pdf's on child rights

http://www.unicef.org/ That actually breaches the Rights! (remember the one?(the right to freedom) And ordinary people are supporting the UN (united nations) so they can crack down on companies that illegaly hire poor children. Breach of Child Rights! Child Rights What are child rights? Our Child Rights Helping others is great but helping ourselves is important too...
What happens if you don't get your child rights?
Who can you turn to for support? You can tell your parents, a teacher, a close friend, a relative or the police. Never keep it inside, always talk to someone. CRUMS
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