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Sell The Idea

You've come up with the best idea ever...now you need to sell it

Lee Bienstock

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Sell The Idea

You've created a great idea... But its just an idea So, this is how you do it... Remember, it's not an innovation... unless it sells. STEP 1:
Split up into small (2-3 person) sub teams and generate sales pitches for the idea. STEP 2:
Have One Person sell the idea to the others in the sub-team STEP 3:
Now - Swap Teams and swap sales people - those who listened now sell to somebody from another subggroup. Those who sold now critique others' sales pitch... Then - appoint a salesperson (or sales people) whose job it is to sell the idea. Now that you have created it, you need to SELL IT. & repeat steps 1-3 Now you have a great idea - that is selling like hot cakes. So go out and make it happen...
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