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Moving Is Living [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Moving Is Living [Shared]

60% of mobile users now use travel apps. Many Londoners have come to trust apps like Citymapper to figure out how to get where they’re going. However, then use other apps to find places to go and things to do.
Tubenav is an interactive mobile and web app that combines the iconic Tube Map with real-time places, events, social and navigation information.
Tubenav technology to be used to announce secret shows/ appearances for artists, pinpointing the shows location for fans and users.

A live beacon will be preloaded with the information, timing and specific location of the show/ appearance.

A full profile page about the event with links to ticketing/ videos can be included.

Tubenav founders may also be present at events to provide freebies.
With so many eyes on travel apps, this could be a way to re introduce artist events in a really interesting way that is bound to pick up press as well introduce new people to new music.
30,000 Web users
2,000 mobile users
Average time per user: 22 Minutes
Tubenav white labelling of the entire underground map for an artist.

Stations can be renamed throughout period.

Exclusive content can be presented as featured items across different stations.
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