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Gender 101

Very Basic Look at Gender and what it is. Specific focus on trans and gender non-conforming people.

Trans Texas

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Gender 101

Gender What is it? Challenges of Gender Gender and You Terminology The Basics Transgender Cisgender Sex
Gender Identity
Gender Expression A term for a community of people Cis = Latin Prefix "Same Side As" Identity Gender is one aspect of our identity as is our expression of it Boy or Man What are some behaviors and attributes associated with men? Excercise Take a sheet of paper, turn it sideways and draw a line horizontally across the paper. Make a short vertical line in the center as a mid-point.

Put the number 0 at the left side of the line and the number 10 at the right side.

0 ______________I______________ 10

As each attribute is read, put that word at the appropriate point on the line for yourself.
If that attribute is an important element of who you are, place it near the number 10 and if it doesn’t at all describe you, they should place it near the number 0. Girl or Woman What are some behavioral or personality traits usually attributed to women Taken for Granted There are certain assumptions about our own gender and that of others Gender is Pervasive It is one of the first things we notice about another and sets up the social framework in which we interact Binary/Dichotomous Gender is Assumed to be either/or. Male or Female, Dominant or Submissive, etc Who Here Has a Gender? Is it Showing? Let's Start with some discussion Can you remember a time when you were reprimanded for behavior that was perceived as “gender inappropriate?”

What did the experience feel like?

What was your response?

What are some of the ways in which our expression of gender is "policed" or "monitored"
By parents
By peers
By ourselves

Are there ever certain situations or contexts in which your gender is not stereotypical of your biological sex? Most of us are much more complex than this with expressions that vary from context to context and change over time. We don't act like "on/off" machines Discussion What are the ways in which we assess someone’s gender?
How does the presence of someone who does not fit your gender expectations challenge you?
What difficulties do you imagine that people with non-conforming gender expression (the presentation of a person through clothing, mannerisms, etc.) face in the world? Among friends, families, in social situations, at work, etc. Ex: Sensitive, Caretaker, Nurturing, etc Strong, Stoic, Logical, Athletic, etc Were you surprised about what you discovered?
Did you place any attributes that were usually not attributed to your gender near 10 – or past the midpoint?
Did any of the attributes that describe your gender get placed on the 0 side of the midpoint?
What does this teach you about yourself or others? Assigned Sex (Given to you at Birth) Your Gender Identity (The Gender you Identify As) Your Gender Expression (Dress, Act, Move, Etc) Sexual Orientation Cisgender Privilege Privilege - that unseen force that gives advantage to some and barriers to others. For those who have privilege, that fact is invisible to them Cisgender Privilege are those life activities, resources, and ability to "do things" that are taken for granted, but that transgender people may not have access to. Image courtesy of "The Gender Book"
http://www.thegenderbook.com/ Gender Variance
Gender Non-Conforming
Trans* Most people have a gender identity that matches their biological sex – they are called cisgender, which means “matching gender.” Those persons who have a gender identity that differs from their biological sex are called transgender. ... small Housekeeping Safe Zone Rules We are intentionally creating a safe space
Step outside your comfort zone
Respect other viewpoints
Use I statements
Vegas Rule
Parking Lot
Have Fun
Others? Disclaimers We are here to educate, to create discussion, not to judge
Let us assume we do not know all the answers, let us consider this a conversation.
We are lifelong learners and this information is built upon the stellar work of others
I acknowledge that even I am a little bit heterosexist, homophobic, racist, transphobic, etc. One cannot live in this world and not be
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