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Detroit Lions Franchise

No description

John Fisher

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of Detroit Lions Franchise

Detroit Lions Franchise
The History and Business

John Fisher
Sponsored by the Green Bay Packers
Located in Portsmouth, Ohio
Created in 1930
Started with only 11 men on the team
The Detroit Lions
In 1930's the NFL started to grow and small town teams started to move.
Dick Richards purchased the Portsmouth Spartans in 1933 and moved them to Detroit in 1934
Purchased the team for $15,000 plus the paying the debt that the team at the time.
Two seasons after moving to Detroit, they were able to win their first NFL Championship
Other Owners of the Detroit Lions
Fred Mandel 1940-1947
Martha Ford 2014-Present
Purchased the team for $225,000 from Dick Richards
William Clay Ford Sr. 1961-2014
Purchased the team for $4.5 million
While under his ownership, two stadiums were built for the Lions
The Pontiac Silverdome 1975-2001
Ford Field 2002-Present
$55.7 Million to build this stadium
$350 Million to build this stadium
Took control of the team after the passing of her husband
Has been involved with the team long before right now
She worked hard with her husband to help bring the Superbowl to Ford Field in 2006
Not only did this help bring revenue to Ford Field but also to the Detroit community
Detroit Lions Business
In the year 2012 the Detroit Lions had revenue of $248 million
The team is worth $900 million in total
Uses for Ford Field
Detroit Lions football games
High school football championship games
Monster Truck Shows
Ford Field
Construction began in 1999 and was put to use in 2002
The Pontiac Silverdome started to lose popularity in the 1990's
Can hold up to 65,000 people
Edwin Anderson and Lyle Fife 1948-1960
Purchased the team for $165,000 the team was the most dominant during this time
Went to the championship 4 times in the 50's
Won 3 of the 4 championships
He was a department store executive in Chicago
This was the time of World War II which meant many of the Lion's best players had to leave
1942 Lions record their first completely defeated of 0-11
Edwin was president of a brewing company and Lyle was head of an electrical products firm
Space was available in Detroit
Web cites used
Contracts of Players
Much of the money that the franchise has to pay is to the players on the team
Each player has a contract that says how long they will play for the team and how much they will earn during that time
One of the biggest contracts that the Lions currently have is to Matt Stafford who will be with the Lions until 2017 and will earn $76 million
Players on the team
What do teams look for when searching for players on their team?
Players that will help the team win the division and other games
Show leadership
Players that the fans will enjoy watching
Players that are not going to cause trouble on and off the field
Example of a Good Player
Calvin Johnson
Example of Bad Players
Titus Young
Pros to having popular players on the team
When a team has popular players on their team, fans will want to buy their jerseys and other apparel
This allows the fans to support their team while also allowing free advertisement for the team
Many teams, including the Detroit Lions, will have jerseys of the player available as soon as they are on the team
Ziggy Ansah, 1st round pick by the Detroit Lions, had a jersey available for purchase shortly after the draft
Opportunities for NFL players
When on the the team they get the recognition they need while also getting money start anything they want
Players can start careers outside of the NFL
Companies come to players to endorse their product
Nate Burleson helped create the clothing brand LionBlood
Inspired by his time as a receiver with the Detroit Lions
Invested his time and money outside of playing for this team to create a business that all Lions fans could enjoy
Plans to continue working with the company even though he is not part of the Detroit Lions anymore
Adidas and Nike
These two companies have have worked with the NFL creating different apparel for the fans of the different NFL teams and also the NFL uniforms
Adidas was the main company to create the uniforms of the teams in past years
Recently, Nike has taken over in this department
All of the uniforms that were worn in the 2013 season of NFL were created by Nike
Much of the Lions apparel that is available to purchase on their website is designed by Nike
Of all of the different NFL jerseys sold by Nike in 2012 Calvin Johnson's jersey was the 17th most purchased
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