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Boston Massacre

No description

Shelly Collins

on 18 September 2018

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Transcript of Boston Massacre

English Soldiers firing at
the colonists

Boston Massacre
Time to Learn about the Boston Massacre
Discussion Time
1.) Work with a partner to read the Boston Massacre Graphic Novel

2.) Fill out the Graphic Organizer

-What did you learn about the Boston Massacre?

-Questions you still have about the Boston Massacre.
March 5, 1770
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Boston Massacre
Read Fight for Freedom pgs. 12 & 13
Nicknames given to the English Soldiers
-In 1770 Conflict between the colonists and English turned deadly.

-The colonists started taunting a group of English Soldiers.

-Crispus Attucks carried around a stick and used it to knock down one of the English soldiers.

-Someone yelled "Fire"

-Crispus Attucks and two other colonists were dead.

-John Adams was the lawyers of the soldiers who were found guilty for killing.
-Lobster Back


-British Soldiers



A Riot in the Streets
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