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Mean Girls v. Julius Ceasar

No description

Luisa Leon

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Mean Girls v. Julius Ceasar

Cady Heron back stabs Regina George
Brutus works with the conspirators to take down Julius
Cady works with her two best friends Janice and Damian to bring down Regina
Regina George is the female queen bee of NSHS
Regina George is "Queen Bee" AKA. Cool kid at school
Julius Caesar is the male Emperor of Rome.
Mean Girls v. Julius Caesar
Brutus Back stabs Julius Caesar
Conflict I:
The setting for Regina Gorge takes place in high school and the setting for Julius Caesar takes place in Rome.
They both stripped from their powerful in front of an enormous crowd. Julius Caesar is killed in front of the entire community and Regina George is one of the victims in the burn book that everyone sees.
They both were physically injured by something bigger than them. rowds of men with daggers take down Julius Caesar and a huge yellow bus takes down Regina George.
Brutus and the other conspirators didn't want Julius Caesar to reach a higher power because he wouldn't use the power for good in politics. In Mean Girls they have the same exact problem except Regina George is already the higher power and is already using that power for only evil but Cady her closest friend is out to bring her down in the social ladder.
Conflict 2:
Another conflict between Julius Caesar and Mean Girls is that in Julius Caesar Anthony, his friend is trying to avenge his death by making the people of Rome angry and making Julius look like a saint. In Mean Girls Regina wants to avenge her popularity status and to revenge against Cady so she makes herself look like an innocent victim in the burn book. She makes the teens in high school angry at the plastics, mostly at Cady.
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