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3.2 Quality schemes in sport

No description

Ryan Farrow

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of 3.2 Quality schemes in sport

Unit 6 Sports Development
Objective 1

Objective 2

Session aim:
Become aware of benchmarks and quality schemes
Key words for today:
Customer service Excellence

Examine quality schemes and National Governing body schemes

Tuesday April 20th

Examine the concept of benchmarking

Tell me three things about
Why measurement in organisations is important.

The purpose of quality schemes
Disadvantages of undertaking a quality measurement
1.What is benchmarking?

2. Why is comparing important?

3. How is benchmarking relevant for organisations ?

Targets/Standards that you can compare to

Make Comparisons

Quality Systems/Schemes encourage this

Process of Continual improvement

Methods of management and evaluation. In terms of sports development, providers try to have excellent features for their sports development programmes so that they can score highly, are ranked highly and get a good reputation.

Methods of Measuring Quality
You have ten minutes to answer the questions on your given method of measuring quality
On the paper provided can you list
What worked well today for you in the lesson?
Something that you learned ?
What you did not fully understand /did not work so well
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