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coronary CT

No description

영민 박

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of coronary CT

Coronary CT Coronary CT 에서 이용할수있는 정보

Coronary artery calcification(CAC) score

Coronary CT angiography 허혈증상의 발생에 중요한
관상동맥혈류예비력은 내경의 70%이상협착부터 감소하는 것으려 알려져 있어
침습적 관상동맥조영술을 간과할 가능성이 적어짐. Image Quality : Acceptable for interpretation
CAC(coronary arterial calcium) Score : 0
Domiance : RCA
Coronary Arterial Lesion(s) : No significant stenosis at any major coronary arteries.
Other Cardiac Pathology : No
Extracardiac Pathology : No 정상 CT소견 + 검진( 대부분 무증상) Eur Heart J 2010;31:2501 & case 1) M/64
HTN(+), DM(+)10YA, smoking(-)
Framingham CV risk 29%
CAC(coronary arterial calcium) Score : 400.7
Coronary Arterial Lesion(s)
: LM, pLAD- calcified plaque with moderate stenosis
: RCA- mixed plaque with complete occlusion at pRCA
rec)coronary angio

Rec) CABG -> 2011.5.30 신촌 op. 2) F/72
DM(-), HTN(-), smoking (-)
Image quality : Poor due to uncontrolled heart rate and coronary calcifications.
Coronary Arterial Calcium(CAC) scoring : 349
Dominance : Codominant

Coronary arterial lesion(s) : R/O 1 or 2 vessel(s) disease.
1. pLAD : Suspicious luminal narrowing by fibrocalcified plaques.
2. dRCA : Shortsegmental vague luminal attenuation. R/O significant stenosis.
3. Shortsegmental shallow myocardial bridging at mLAD.
rec) clinical correlation

---> Cardio : coronary angio : 1VD - medication 시행중 3) M/55
HTN(-), DM(-), smoking Hx 90PYs, 3YA quit
Framingham CV risk : 13.2%
Coronary Arterial Calcium(CAC) scoring: 93.6
Coronary arterial lesion
-LAD: calcified/non-calcified plaque at p- and d- LAD with severe stenosis.
-LCX: non-calcified plaque at p-LCX with mild stenosis.
-RCA: non-calcified plaque at d-RCA with severe stenosis.

2-VD at p- and d- LAD and d-RCA
Rec) coronary angiography

----> Cardio : PCI 시행 4) M/72
HTN(+), DM(+), smoking 25PYs, 10YA quit
Framingham CV risk 47.4%
Coronary Arterial Calcium(CAC) scoring: 1008.6
Coronary arterial lesion:
- No definited stenosis in RCA and LAD.
- Suspicious minimal to mild stenosis in LCX Lung seq MIP RCA LAD LCX VRT Image quality: Limited d/t extensive calcific burdens.
Coronary Arterial Calcium (CAC) scoring: 6162.2
Dominancy: RCA 그럼 어떻게 coronary CT를 볼까? Volume-rendered (VRT) LCX MPR images RCA multiplanar reformatted (MPR) images LAD MPR images MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection ) images Chest CT (lung sequnces) <판독소견>
Coronary arterial lesion:
Diffuse extensive, long segmental and multifocal eccentric calcified plaques are noted on all three vessels with suspicious significant stenosis.
Rec- correlation with Coronary angio.

Other cardiac finding: No remarkable finding.
Extracardiac finding: Refer previous taken Chest CT of 2012.10.13. 뭘 봐야할까?
어떻게 해줄까?
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