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All you need to know to pass the 5th grade science STAAR.

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Belt Line D11

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of All you need to know to pass the 5th grade science STAAR.

Light is something that is always in a straight line.It can also be refracted or reflected. When light is refracted it is bent.When light is reflected it bounces off.Light can also be absorbed.How is light reflected?
Force is a push or a pull.There are other types of force like gravity, friction,magnetism,attract,and repel.
When you push your going fords.
When you pull your coming back.One popular measuring tool is a spring scale. What direction do you go when you pull?

sedimentary rocks
boiling,freezing and melting point of water
forms of energy
All you need to know to pass the 5th grade science STAAR.
mixtures and solutions
Sedimentary rocks have layers.Infact,
the oldest layer is on the bottom.
And the new layer is on the the top.Sedimentary rocks hold some fossil fuels.They also hold fossils. How many layers can sedimentary rock form?
W.E.D. landforms
Physical Properties of matter
Physical properties of matter are things like solid,liquids, and gases.In
a solid the particles are vibrating.In liquids they have very little room.In gases they have lots of room.These are all of the properties of matter.
Here's a question for you.What is a projector made of?
Boiling point, freezing point, and melting point are 3 temperatures of water.Boiing point of water is 100 degrees celcius. Freezing is when water is below 0 degrees celcius. Melting is when water is above 0 degrees celcius.Those are the 3 points of water.
What point is 2 degrees celcius?
Mixtures are when 2 substances are mixed
and keep their properties. Solutions are when
2 substances don't keep their properties and form a new substance.How do you seperate a mixture or solution?
Forms of energy are things we use everyday.They are mechanical,electrical,light,sound,and thermal energy.Mechanical energy is energy from movement.
Electrical energy is energy that comes from plugs.Light energy is energy that come from bulbs. How do chargers work?
Circuits are things that can be complete or incomplete. An incomplete circuit has a break in it.An complete circuit has no break in it and works.If there is a break there is a way to cure it,with a paper clip,nail, or penny.
There is some circuits that go off just because one bulb went off these are called series circuits.What is an insulator.

Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels are fuels that have broken down by dead organisms.They form coal,oil and natural gas.Coal is used by trains. Oil is used by cars .And Natural gas is used by ships.When will we run out of fossil fuels?
WED means weathering ,erosion, and depoition.
Weathering is breaking down sediments.
Erosion is carrying sediments. delta,canyon,dune, valleys.Did you know that in order for a canyon to form it takes millions of years. How is a delta formed?
WISH BIG means wind,solar,hydroelectric.Wind energy is from wind.
Solar energy comes from the sun.Hydroelectric
energy comes from moving water.Biofuel comes
from dead organisms.How can you use WISH BIG
to make energy?
Earth's rotation
Earth's rotation is earth spinning on
it's axis.It causes the day and night
cycle.It also causes shadows.One
rotation equals 24 hours.It tilts at a 25 degree angle.What is revolution?

Fossils are the remains of dead organisms.Fossils
can tell were the animal lived.Some fossil contain
bones that are rusty and are worth 100,000's of dollars.Most are contained deep underground.They
make some of our Earth's History!How do they form?
(In sequence)
Weather is 1 place at 1 time.Climate is a long period
of time.They both are related to weather.They have wind berometers to see how fast the wind is going.And sometimes they cause tornadoes.
Where can people find weather?
The water cycle is a cycle full of water.It also has stages.
Stage 1 is evaporation.Stage 2 is condensation.Stage 3 is
precipitation. Stage 4 is runoff.Stage 5 is transpiration.
In numbers how many organisms drink water?
biotic and Abiotic
Food Webs
Biotic is a living organism.Abiotic is a non-living
organism.Air is non-living.Water is non-living.
All animals and plants are living.How is water

A food web is a web with consumers.
A food web has different animals and
plants.It also has carnivores,herbivores,
and omnivores.A carnivore is a meat eater.
An herbivore is a plant eater. An omnivore
eats both plants and animals.What is a producer?
Adaptations are things that animals have
to let them live in different environments.
Adaptions help them survive in that particular
environment.Different animals live in different places.They also help them catch prey or not
be caught.Thats why they are decreasing.Do ducks have an adaption?
Inherited traits and Learned behaviors

Inherited traits are traits that are passed on from parents to offspring.A learned behavior is something learned from someone.
An inherited trait is something like having a nose, or having ears.A learned behavior is reading, or writing.These are things we learn in life.What adaptation do plants have?
Complete and incomplete metamorphis
A complete metamorphosis has 4 stages.Incomplete metamorphosis
has 3 stages .In a complete metamorphosis it has 4 stages called
egg,larva,pupa,and adult.An incomplete metamorphosis has 3 stages
called egg,nymph,and adult.Those are the types of metamorphosis.
Do humans have a metamorphosis?
This cycle is NOT like any other cycle.It includes oxygen,and carbon dioxide.The way it works is the plant inhales the carbon dioxide.The animal needs oxygen to live.The plant exhales oxygen and the animal exhales carbon dioxide and so on.How do plants make oxygen?
TIGERS design process
The TIGERS design engineering process includes:Think,
Imagine,Generate,Execute,Refine,Share.Think is the problem.
Imagine is brainstorming how it is going to look like.Generate
is designing the plan and getting the materials.Execute is
building it.Refine is trying it again and improving it. Share is
the final step that's when you present your product.What
project are you planning to do?
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