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The Sun

No description

D'Wan Ellington

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of The Sun

74% Hydrogen, 25% Helium, 1% other elements. The compsition of the sun and earth are different.
Sun Statistics
Avg. dis. from Earth 149.6 million km
Diameter 1,390,000
Average density 1.41g/cm cubed
Period of rotation 25 days (equator); 35 days (poles)

What makes the Sun Unique
By the mid 19th century, astronomers had discovered that the sun was a hot ball of gas that is composed mostly of the elements of hydrogen and helium. Every second, 4 million tons of solar matter is converted to energy.
Ineresting facts
Civilizations have referred to the sun by different names.Gods and goddesses who represented the sun were worshipped in different cultures.
The Sun
By:D'Wan Ellington, Timothy Windle,& Brittany Caldwell
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