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All about Technology

No description

Erin Kratky

on 4 June 2018

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Transcript of All about Technology

What is the most likely reason for a
computer to run very slowly?

a)Not enough RAM
b)Not enough ROM
c)Incompatible software
d)Fluctuating power source
If your computer locks up and none of
the input devices work, what should you
do FIRST to fix the problem?

a)Reboot the computer
b)Replace the keyboard
c) Check the network connection
d)Disconnect computer from the Internet
How can you protect your work from
a power outage?
What is the document file extension
which would be opened with Adobe
Acrobat reader?
Loading somebody else's
program or software on
another computer without
a license is an example of:
Data Bases
Example: Access
A database is simply a collection of
related information.

A query defines which database
information you want to view. Think of
a query as a question you ask the
database, such as "Who are the
customers that reside in New York?"

A record is a single block of
information, such as employee or
customer data.

What would you do if this was the screen you saw?
Check the power source
What happens if pages 1-4
print of a 5 page document,
what do you check first?
Check the paper supply
True or False in regards to technology today?
They have slower processors?
Less built in memory?
Supports fewer memory media types?
Easier to use?
Save Your Work Frequently
Keyboard and mouse
are examples of?
What is the file extension for a website?
Copyright Violation
RAM: Random Access Memory-a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly. Most common type of memory found in computers and other devices, such as printers.
Blogs: What are some uses of blogs.
1)Blogs can be used for classroom discussions from hundreds of students on a specific topic.
2)Create an online journal.
represents higher education
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