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Maine AM

No description


on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Maine AM

Maine AM
Economic Location
our Economic location is the restaurant
Reds Eats. Reds Eats is a popular
Restaurant in Maine. Red's Eats
sells lobster all the time.
Historic Location
Geographic Location
Political Location
Choice Location
Maine's Economy
Maine's Geography
Maine's Government
Road Trip Distance
for are political location we chose Augusta. It is the capital of Maine.
Population 19,136.locaded in Kennebec county.
we chose the University of Maine for are choice location. It teaches a lot of educated students. University of Maine was established in 1865.The University of Maines football team only played in one bowl game.
1.Maine has only one syllable.
2. Maine has a state dirt.
3.Mainer Chester Greenwood invented the first pair of ear muffs.
4.Maine makes more wooden toothpicks then any other state.
5.Seniter Margret Smith is the first female US presidential candidate.
6.Some of the animals in Maine are seals, dear,bear,and moose.
7.Bryant Pond is a home to a three story house and is still in use today
8.Maine is the only state that declared war on a foreign country
9.the first lighthouse in Maine was built in 1791
10.Maine is the only state that borders just one other state
11.Mainers are people that live in Maine
turf and surf are natural resources of mains Economy. Surf means seafood
and turf meas farm animals like cows.
thousands of years ago Paleo-Indians were Maine's first inhabitants.Paleo-indians made stone tools.The prefix paleo comes from the Greek adjective palaios.
Glaciers or Mountains of ice are in Maine geography.Glaciers are pieses of ice.Mountains of ice mean big chunks of ice
Governor Paul LePage is important to Maine.Born October,9th,1948.He is the 74th governor of Maine.
topographic map
geographic map
historic map
political map
Augusta to Old orchard beach=70 miles
old orchard beach to Wiscasset= 50 miles
University of Maine to Augusta =40 miles

Calais to Augusta=130 miles
Old Orchard Beach to Augusta=180 miles
University of Maine to WCE=2,210 miles
we chose the old orchard beach. It is a very nice beach. The old orchard beach
gets thousands of people everyday.
we chose Calias because it is a very interesting city for Mainers.
Mainers are happy there because its a very pretty place.Calais is a city in washington county.

Maine's state song
our ending
by: Aidan McLaughlin and Jaylen Johnson
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