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No description

Kathleen Kirkham

on 9 January 2016

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Transcript of Portfolio

Contact Info
Kathleen Kirkham's Portfolio
Corporate Workshops
Positive, enthusiastic, and creative speech and language specialist focused on clients' needs.
Master's of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, York University

Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate with Honours, George Brown College
Certified TESL ON

Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) Diploma with Honours, Georgian College

Baccalaureate in Arts Honours Linguistics, Cum Laude, University of Ottawa

Bachelor of Arts French-English Translation, Concordia University

Diploma in Languages and Literature, Dawson College
York University, Audacity computer software workshops to Faculty of Graduate Students

COSTI Immigrant Services, Professional Development for Teachers workshops

Georgian College, guest lecturer, Creating Life History Communication Books

Durham College, guest lecturer: Multiculturalism, 2004; Hearing Aid Rounds

The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, Essential Pause Fluency Programme, 3-week intensive

Fluency Centre, Fluency workshop, Montreal
College Instructor
Group Facilitator
Consultant, 2005 - present
Contributed to curriculum development for the college to improve student success. Created essay outline template to increase student motivation to work on an outline for their research essay and for the students to get a chance to contribute to teacher resources as the winner's outline served as a template for other sections of the same course. Used Blackboard. Welcome TESL students to observe.

ESL701 Speaking Canadian Eh? Level 1
ESL934 Composition Four: Argumentative Research Essays
Seneca College, Toronto
2011 to 2013
George Brown College, Toronto
2003 to 2012
Taught multilevel courses with Can8Lab. Wrote proposals and developed curricula for 3 courses to meet students’ needs for more pronunciation courses. Provide opportunitites for TESL students to observe my classes, and mentored teachers. Provided academic accomodations.

Reduce Your Accent (use of Can8 language lab) Improving Pronunciation
English Essentials Writing course Mastering Pronunciation
Bridgepoint Health Hospital, (formerly The Riverdale Hospital), Toronto, 1999 - 2006
Worked with adults living with a variety of diagnosis and disabilities. Trouble shooted wheelchairs, hearing and communication devices, and educational software. Programmed assistive technology communication devices. Participated in training practicum students. Developed and implemented hearing aid workshops for hospital staff: workhops were reported as being so beneficial that they were made mandatory training. Wrote proposed for, developed curricula for, and facilitate new group therapy programs to meet patients' needs, which follow:

Facilitated Group Dynamics Workshop for staff
Presented Smoothies Program at annual hospital conference
Comprehensibility Groups with people who had dysarthria
News Discussion to practice communication strategies
Senses Alive
Smoothies & lunch groups for people who had dysphagia
Social Reminiscing with people who had Alzheimer’s Dementia
Tea Party with people who had Alzheimer’s Dementia
Voice Group with people who had had strokes
Word Finding with people who had aphasia
working on speech, language, voice, and cognitive goals with children and adults who have brain injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Instruct using scaffolding to provide opportunities for errorless learning for clients to become independent with softwares including Kurzweil, Draft Builder, CoWriter, Word Q, Speak Q, Inspiration, Livescribe, and others. Teach literacy skills using Wilson Program and Barton Reading System.

Skype: search my name or email address

Language Lab
Pot Luck
For a positive, enthusiastic, and creative language specialist focused on clients' needs,
contact Kathleen Kirkham
Recipient of
Teaching Excellence Award,
George Brown College, November 2010
Receive ongoing positive student feedback on course evaluations.
Thank you for your time.
Technology for a multimodal education
Celebrating success in our course.
Listen to students' pre and post recordings, by clicking on the link below
Settlement Services
Health Force Ontario Marketing and Recruitment Agency, Toronto

offering interview skills development to internationally educated medical doctors for their high stakes Canadian medical residency interviews. Helped build confidence by giving constructive feedback. Developed staff training to provide pronunciation advice. Provided info on licensure procedures.
To view, click on arrow/left mouse click .
Collaborative Work
As a graduate student, I helped fellow graduate students with:

learning research skills and printing articles
organizing library workshops for the faculty of graduate studies
sharing online links on how to write critical reviews of journal articles, and finding APA formatting resources
editing classmates assignments and research papers
assisting in refining presentations (slides, handouts, etc.)
offering several workshops on how to use Audacity software for recording reseach participant interviews
sharing info by creating a Prezi for new grads
I've been told that I am a team player,
always looking out for the good of the whole.
Communicative Disorders Assistant
Accent Trainer
providing individualized accent training to professionals.
Educational Coach
teaching time management, organizational, and problem solving skills.
Teacher Trainer
designing goal oriented training for teachers.
Translator, Editor, Voice-Over Narrator
English and French.
Trained school board staff to use classroom FM and Infrared soundfield systems. Provided after sales technical support. Managed trial implementations. Translated and edited user manuals, price lists, and website info including recording voice-overs in French and English for instructional videos. Product demonstrations.
Simeon Canada (formerly Supportive Hearing Systems inc.)
2006-2009, now a consultant
Internationally Educated Healthcare Professional (IEHP) Advisor
McMichael Gallery visit
Bilingual Technical Customer Service Representative
Hearing Accessibility
Accent Training
Individual and group accent training. I teach the music of Canadian English including sounds, vowels, word stress, sentence stress, pausing, intonation to help professionals better be understood in the workplace.
Communication Disorders
Communicative Disorders Assistant
I work with children and adults who have sustained brain injuries subsequent to an automobile accident. I target goals include organizational skills, memory, speech, language, training clients to use communication devices and educational softwares.
2005 to present
University Instructor
Teach students four Spoken English and Presentation Skills courses, focusing on form, presentaton skills including the use of Prezi, preparing handouts, projecting their voice, using gestures, as well as focuing on pronunciation skills to help students develop skills for academic university programs in English. Use of Moodle.

ESLA132 Spoken English and Presentation Skills in EAP program
ESLA160 Spoken English and Presentation Skills in Qbridge program
ESLAKGU Lab - 3 week program
ESLA110 Lab
ESLA120 Spoken English
CEE Canadian Englih Experience
Queen's University, Kingston
2014 to present
CDA Instructor
St. Lawrence College 2015 - present

Teach Adult Neurogenic Communicative Disorders in the Communicative Disorders Assitant program.
Supply Teaching
January 2016 - present

Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic District School Board - Loyala School of Adult & Continuing Education.

Teach English to adults.
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