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Myths and legends Mashed Potatoes

No description

Rachel Epstein

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of Myths and legends Mashed Potatoes

Mount Baker
Highest peak in the North Cascades
Located in Washington
Caused a lahar in the Nooksak River
Collapsed 6,700 years ago
Last eruption was 1880
Source: http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/st_helens/, google: When was the last time Mt Baker erupted?
Mauna Loa
Mount Rainier
last eruption was about 1,000 years ago
formed a large crate opening in the northeast side
highest peak in the Cascade Range
made up of andesite, dacite
source: USGS
Myths & Legends
Located in El Salvador
Last eruption was 1966
Currently Active
El Salvadors Youngest
Has been one of the the most frequintley active volcanoes in North America
Has a crater in the side of it 250 meters wide

Mount St Helen's
Many native american tales foretold that the jealousy between the three mountains would lead to the great eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Kilauea- Home of the goddess Pele who came from the Island Tahiti to Hawaii on a canoe. Pele would dig holes with her digging stick through the islands, but her sister, the goddess of the sea, would flood them. Her father made Pele leave because of the fighting between the sisters

Pelé was on an island called Tahiti. Her father took her off the island because she had a hot temper and she got in a fight with her sister, the goddess of the sea, and when her spirit was released she became a goddess.
Mt. St. Helen's
Located in Washington
First recorded volcano to erupt sideways
Formed from four eruption stages
Created the biggest landslide recorded
it is made up of Basalt and Rhydoacite
source: USGS
Located in Hawaii
Youngest volcano on Hawaii's big island
southeastern most volcano on Hawaii's big island
Eruption of Kilauea began in 1983
Shield volcano
Active for the past 30 years
Most active on Hawaii's big island
Source: USGS
"Mauna Loa" means long mountain
Most recent eruption: March 24-April 15, 1984
Shield volcano
Largest volcano on the planet
Covers half of Hawaii's big island
One of Earth's most active volcanoes
Source: USGS
last eruption was 1902
know as the goddess of fire
Located in Martinique
Last eruption was a pyroclastic flow
Source: google: Pele the volcano,
Volcano Cafe sheet

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