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Teacher Collaboration

Planning for Teacher Collaboration

Lori Ann Griffin

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Teacher Collaboration

HAYES PRIMARY'S STORY OUR JOURNEY TOWARDS A PLC Research, Conferences, What other Principals have done that worked, I asked my self "What do I want my Legacy to be?" JUST DO IT!!!!! TEACHER COLLABORATION FOCUSED ON:
1.) Building Trust
2.) Healthy Conflict
Created Norms and Roles on Teams Walking a Mile in Each Other's Shoes Why or Why Not? Do you have healthy teams at your school? CREATED A SOLID FOUNDATION around the
4 Cs
Celebration What do you want your legacy to be? WHILE STEPPING UP THE MOTIVATION
What types of things do you do to motivate your staff? We created a new Mission for our School!
-Worked in vertical teams to write mission
- Created 8 mission statements - voted on top
3 then BLT chose the best one!
Continued Part II of the 4 Cs for our SFPD Stepped up the Game with some Class
1.) BLT participated in a book study on "On Common Ground"
2.) Focused on building leadership qualities among the BLT
3.) I modeled what Good Leaders/Facilitators do during Professional Learning (motivational get to know you games, reflection activities, delegating, managing a group) What Steps do you need to take to build strong leaders in your school? 1. Utilized Teacher Leaders to Guide PLCs
2. Choice books that supports our SSP
4. Action Plans were created - norms, roles
5. Shared knowledge with colleagues Professional Learning Communities - Choice for ALL - ENGAGED LEARNERS - ONGOING PROCESS FOR LEARNING _ COMMON GOALS CHALLENGES REFLECTIONS / SNOITCELFER Lessons I learned:
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