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Biology Cell Analogy Project

No description

Josh Prettyman

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Biology Cell Analogy Project

The nucleus controls the cell and holds all of its hereditary information. Nucleus Computer Hard Drive/SSD The hard drive of the computer holds all of your information including the system info, and tells the computer's motherboard what to do. A thin membrane composed of lipids and protein that surrounds cell and the passage of the substances that go in and out. Cell Membrane Security Gate A security gate surrounds houses and only lets certain cars/people through. A small, round body found in the nucleus that is composed of protein and RNA. Nucleolus Computer Chip The computer's chip does all of the processing of the computer. These store all hereditary Information. Chromosomes/DNA Aeries Grades Aeries stores all of the students grades and class information The cytoplasm is what holds all of the organelles in place in the cell. Cytoplasm Computer Motherboard The computer' motherboard holds all of the key processing units on the computer. The mitochondria powers the cell. Mitochondria Computer Battery The battery holds all of the power in the computer, without it, the the computer cannot run. The ribosomes are composed of RNA and assembles polypeptides.

Factories mass produce some of the most important things that you sometimes don't think about.

Factories This organelle transports materials through the cell. Endoplasmic Reticulum Air Ducts Air ducts transport air throughout a building. Transports and modifies proteins as they pass through. Golgi Apparatus Airport Baggage System The airport baggage system sorts luggage and puts them on the right flight. Protects and maintains structural support for the cell. Cell Wall Safe A safe protects all of the contents inside. Plastid in green plant's cells that are green and create glucose through photosynthesis Chloroplasts Solar Panels Solar panels capture sunlight and make energy. Cavity where water, food, and waste is stored. Vacuole Storage Tank A storage tank stores water, food and other supplies. A hash-like appendix on the sides of the cell the provide locomotion. Flagella Propellers Propellers move a plane from place to place. Small capsules containing enzymes. Peroxisome Red Bull (Drink) A small can that contains caffeine, which speeds you up. Fiberous proteins that make the shape of a cell. Cytoskeleton Car Frame The car's frame forms the car to the shape it should maintain. Practice ball that has many holes in it to let air pass through. Nuclear Envelope A skin of the cell that has pores which allows passage of materials to the nucleus. Whiffle Ball Plant Cell
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