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Flat Broke

book Proj.

tyler thomas

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Flat Broke

Flat Broke Tyler Thoma$
Flat Broke
Gary Paul$en Protagonist This is a story about a boy named Kevin who is kind to others, but gets in trouble a lot throughout the story. He has a crush on a girl named Tina and wants to ask her to the school dance. Unfortunately ,he got caught in several lies and as a consequence, his allowance was taken away. This creates a problem for him because he is now broke. Antagonist The antagonist for Flat Broke is basically money because Kevin becomes broke and money doesn't come easy for him. Setting This story takes place in his school, at his house, in his Aunt Buzzes conference room, and at the college. These are some of the important places he goes to in the story. His house is significant not only because he lives there, but also because he makes his plans for his businesses there. In addition, he prepares food at home for the snack runs he makes at night to the college. The school is where he spends a lot of his time in the book. He is constantly trying to impress Tina there and epically fails. His Aunt's conference room is also special because that's where his poker games take place . Lastly, the college because that's where he frequently does his night snack runs. Conflict In the beginning of 'Flat Broke", Kevin lies and gets his allowance taken away. That leads him into the challenge of creating multiple ways to get money to impress and ask Tina to the school dance. As a result, he has a continuous conflict throughout the story because all of his ideas end up backfiring. In the beginning of the story Kevin lies and loses his allowance right when the school dance is coming up and admittance is two dollars. He really wanted to impress her and was looking forward to taking Tina to the dance. He needed to find a new way to get enough money to afford it, so he starts a poker game club where club members all spend money and he gets to keep half. The second thing he does is start a hair business with his sister. This time he charges people for her to do their hair and he gets half the money. During the third idea, he talks one of his friends into doing tutoring classes and of course he gets to keep half the money. The last thing he does to earn money is runs snack munchies to college students at night and collects all the money. His plans were all running smoothly until things start to backfire. All of the sudden his friends decide to stop helping him, he gets caught doing the runs to the college, and his sister replaces his job at her hair business. In conclusion, he he gives up and isn't able to impress Tina or take her to the school dance. Plot Hook Have you ever been broke before? If you have, you know how Kevin feels. When you were broke did you try to come up with ways to get money? That's what the main character Kevin did, but he had some interesting ways of doing this. Listen to this prezi to find out what he did. Climax Denouement The story ends when he gives up, is unable to impresses Tina, and never gets the opportunity to take her to the dance. The turning point in the story is when his businesses are running smoothly and he is getting rich........ BAM!!!!!!!! Then they begin to all fall apart and eventually fail in many different ways. Theme The themes of this story are love, greed, and creativity. Love, because he loves Tina and loves getting money. Greed, because he gets half the money when he does n't do any work to deserve it. Lastly, creativity because he comes up with many creative ways to get money. THE END!
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