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Systemic Couple Therapy for depression Efficacy of a short-term intervention protocol

Montesano, A., Feixas, G., Eiroa-Orosa, F. J. (2013, September). Systemic couple therapy for depression: efficacy of a short-term intervention protocol. Society for Psychotherapy Research- UK Chapter Annual meeting. Oxford, United Kingdom

Adrian Montesano

on 9 February 2018

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Transcript of Systemic Couple Therapy for depression Efficacy of a short-term intervention protocol

Couple Therapy for Depression

The model recognizes the influence of individual characteristics, social context, and trigger events, but considers that:

The current symptoms are primarily maintained by the
in which they occur

Depression is an interactional event and so focus on the
of depression

Therapists may try to enhance couples’ resources to experiment with more effective forms of interaction. The
more coherent
with their belief systems, the
more adaptive
the new pattern will be

Songs of Freedom
Side A
Breaking the Up and Down: another dance is possible
Flexibility: the cure for pain
Beyond resentment and blame
Two's company, three's a crowd
The curative power of Love
a preliminary study in a naturalistic setting
London Depression Intervention Trial (Leff et al., 2000)
dropout: 15% vs 56.8%
Common Foci
Which is the main pattern of relationship?
Main Techniques
Are symptoms having any 'function'?
Does the couple have projects for the future?
Are symptoms somehow a metaphor in live or in relationships?
Externalizing: depression as "a third "
Superglue for relationships
Punishment for past sins
Keeping family of origin involved
Regulating intimacy/power
Level of expressed emotion?
History & Story of the problem
History & Story of the person/ couple
Involve the partner in the process
Define each partner's goals...
Are they shared or compatible?
Modify dysfunctional couple structure and organization
Improve communication processes
Generate new alternatives: reducing the influence of depression and enhancing couple's strengths
Procter's Circular Diagram
Writing letters:
From therapist/couple to referrer
Between partners
From therapist to couple
From couple to depression/ future
Referrals from GPs


Using SCID-I
Relationship Lenght
Up to 16 sessions
2 therapists, 1 supervisor
Combining strategic-structural and constructivist approaches
Wilcoxon Rank test
Thank you!!
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