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Bigfoot - Engels spreekbeurt

No description

Thijs Kivits

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Bigfoot - Engels spreekbeurt

History and sightings

Native americans
Local versions

1924, Fred Beck
1958, Wilbur L. Wallace
1967, Patterson-Gimlin film
2007, Rick Jacobs Who or what is Bigfoot? North America
Large, hairy Ape
Sasquatch Bigfoot Scientific perspective No clear evidence
Climate and environment
More sightings
Jeffrey Meldrum
Gigantopithecus Social influence
Finding Bigfoot
Advertising & Marketing
Movies My opinion Doesn't exist
As american as apple pie
random events The End Who or what is Bigfoot?
History and sightings
Scientific perspective
Social influence
My Opinion
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