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Best-in-Class Options, CASE 2016

No description

Christopher Cannon

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of Best-in-Class Options, CASE 2016

Focus - Don't Bury the Lead
80/20 on its head
Dealing with Big Data
Other Trends
Strategic Information Management
practices (value/leverage all data and capitalize on all touch points)
Social data management
Big Data
Analyze vs. Enter
Outsource volume
Lockboxing, Caging, etc.
"Machine learning",which was "BI and analytics", which was "predictive modeling"
Crowdsourcing policies (or lack thereof)
Birds of a Feather
Finder numbers, etc.
Deal with it...let's play: "what's in your safe!"
Innovations &

Starting Points
A note about best practices
Balancing the spinning top
Accuracy-Speed-Volume Conundrum
Perception/Exception Management
What can you expect?
What are others thinking?
More with less is an awful idea!
Metrics: the "Final" Frontier
Measuring Time
Up into the organization
Through development
Practices that are Best
Systemic v. Anecdotal
Gift Metrics:
2.85 Days
4.5 per Hour
6,400 per FTE
To divide or not to divide, that is the question
This is available at fundraisingoperations.com

Contact info: Chris Cannon, cannon@zurigroup.com

Best-in-Class Options:
What's Next from Top-Notch Shops

-Chris Cannon, Zuri Group

Gift Processing and Records Workshop
February 2017 - Washington, DC
Cannon's 2013 operations survey
Check out the "Sticky Gifts" session if you have issues
Join our
your work"
session for
Best in Class Shops are...
Controlling the message
Increasing credibility
Actively persuading
Showing value
Constantly innovating...
but starting with fundamentals
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