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Vague Pronouns

No description

Ms. Griego

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Vague Pronouns

Vague Pronouns What is a vague pronoun? A vague pronoun is a pronoun for which it's not clear which noun is its antecedent. In other words, you can't tell which word the pronoun is replacing. For example:

Examples When the car hit a tree, it made
a terrible noise. More examples Always refer clearly to a pronoun!Don't be vague or ambiguous.

A better form of this sentences is:

The car made a terrible noise when it hit the tree.

Here you can tell that the pronoun 'it' is referring to the antecedent 'car'.
Did the car make the noise or did the tree make the noise? The sentence is worded in a way that it's not clear. Although the motorcycle hit the tree, it was not damaged.

Vacation is coming soon, which is nice.

George worked in a national forest last summer. This may be his life's work.

(Is "it" the motorcycle or the tree?) (What is nice, the vacation or the fact that it is coming soon?)
(What word does "this" refer to?) Fix vague pronouns by replacing them
with specific nouns!
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