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IB Diploma Programme

No description

Derek Wotton

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of IB Diploma Programme

80,000 students worldwide received Diploma Program results in July 2012.
The IB organization grew 11% last year.
Among the top ten schools in the world, 5 are IB world schools.
80% of candidates obtain the Diploma.
The IB works with 3,483 schools in 144 countries for a total of 1,057,000 students in the 3 IB programs.
2,000 schools are affiliated to IB AMERICAS. The Diploma Program worldwide The Diploma Program at the Atid School The IB Diploma Learner Profile IB Diploma Program Curriculum Framework IB Diploma core requirements IB Diploma assessment IB Diploma award Calendar Authorized in 2008.

First subject certifications (English, Spanish, Math) in 2010.

2011, three full IB Diploma graduates (of 9 candidates).

2012, seven full IB Diploma graduates (of 12 candidates).

30 candidates in 2013. Language acquisition English HL 25% Paper 1 reading comprehension
25% Paper 2 writing
20% Essay 20% Oral exam on topic
10% Essay Language and Literature Spanish HL Individuals and Society History HL Mathematics Calculus and Statistics SL Sciences Chemistry or Biology
or Physics SL The Arts Business & Management SL Diploma awarded: Diploma NOT awarded: •Final score per subject on a scale of 1 to 7. •Total minimum score 24 points.
•Total maximum score 45 points.
•42 points for subjects and 3 for TOK and Extended Essay. •Grade E in Extended Essay or TOK. •Non-fulfillment of the CAS program.
•A score of 1 or 2 in more than 1 subject.
•Non-compliance with the Diploma regulations eg. Plagiarism, inappropriate behavior during exams, or incomplete assessment. United Kingdom: 200 IB schools, of which 194 offer the Diploma Program. IB authorized program number 4,000 in China. United States: 1383 IB schools, 778 of which offer the Diploma Program. In Mexico, 93 schools offer all 3 IB programs. 46 offer the PYP, 26 MYP, and 59 the Diploma program. 30% 2 oral exams on literary analysis 30% Research project 25% Lab practice 30% Research project 20% Essay
25% Paper 1 comparative literary analysis
25% Paper 2 Commentary on literary text 25% Research project 25% Paper 1 History of Mexico
25% Paper 2 XX Century European History
25% Paper 3 Historical source analysis 70% papers 1 & 2 knowledge and concepts 30% Research project 75% papers 1, 2 & 3 knowledge and concepts 70% Papers 1 & 2 knowledge and case studies
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