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Evidence Board

No description

Kaleb Bierman

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of Evidence Board

Mr.Rodarte went to school with Bones, they were childhood friends. The last time he saw him was on the third, he saw bones at sonic with Mr.Morgan eating ice cream. He is a Chemistry teacher and has no knowledge of Aminokill.
Murderous Molecules Evidence Board
Wayne Morgan was a Business partner of our victim, Skinnan bones. They went to college together, at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. According to Morgan, they'd been planning to start up a business together. Morgan says that the last time he'd seen Bones was when they had lunch together at Sonic, the day that Bones had been poisoned.
The Motive
It is our conclusion that Morgan poisoned Bones's drink while they were having lunch. It would have been around the time that the poison would have to had been administered, and he has the most likely motive, compared to the other suspects. Being a businessman, he likely knows people he could contact to get black market substances, such as the poison Aminokill. As for his actual motive, that much is obvious. He wanted to take sole control of his and Bones's business.
Schoepffs BBQ, victim ate here with Ciccariello the night of September 3rd.
Sonic, victim ate here with Wayne Morgan.
Shipley's Donuts, victim ate here with Dyer and Scallorn on September 3rd.
About the Victim
Skinnan Bones was a 24-year-old white male. He graduated from Mary Hardin Baylor University’s mathematics department. Recently, he was selling real estate in the Belton, Texas area. He was born on January 14, 1988. He died September 4th, 2015.
Charles Rodarte
Keith Dyer
Mr. Dyer had taught Bones as a child. He had breakfast with him at Shipley’s before Mr. Bones's death on the 4th. We had interviewed Mr. Dyer and found that Mr.Bones had kept him from buying his dream home. This is a good reason to hold a grudge and is a likely motive to kill Skinnan Bones.
We know that, while eating at one of three local restaurants, Skinnan Bones was poisoned with Aminokill. This black market poison can only be administered as a liquid, and causes systematic enzymatic failure over the course of twelve hours. Bones was determined to have died sometime between 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock, which would place the poisoning at twelve hours prior. So, most likely, he was poisoned at either a late breakfast or lunch.
Michelle Ciccariello
Mrs.Ciccariello was a close friend of Bones's mother. She'd known him his ire life, and thought of him as a sort of son. She last saw Bones at Schoepff's on the day of the poisoning, and said that Bones hadn't eaten anything and wasn't answering the phone at 8 o'clock that night. Presumed innocent because of the extended time period it takes for the poison to take affect. Something worth noting, however, is that she also had starch and fats in her stomach contents. This would point to her being at Shipley's, as well as Schoepff's. Though this would place her at the time of the poisoning, there is still no known motive.
Steven Scallorn
Mr.Scallorn sold Bones a house, which he says that Bones owed him money on. This, along with his saying he wanted to "hurt Bones" for messing up his car, would certainly be a probable cause. However, with his being in business, he probably knew that he'd get more out of suing Bones than murdering him.
Our conclusion is that Wayne Morgan is guilty of the murder of Skinnan Bones.
The Suspect
Melissa Fasolino
Apparently, Mrs.Fasolino saw Bones at Schoepff's the night he would have died. Presumed innocent because of no known motive.
Other Suspects
Morning of September 3rd
Lab Results
Bones was at Shipley's, as well as
Dyer and Scallorn
Noon, September 3rd
Victim ate lunch with Morgan at Sonic, where he was seen by Rodarte
Keith Dyer: positive for proteins and starches, this places him at Shipley's
Wayne Morgan: positive for carbs and fats, this places him at Sonic.
Michelle Cicciarello: positive for protein, starch and fats, this places her at Schoepffs BBQ and Shipley's.
Charles Rodarte: positive for starch and fats, this places him at Sonic.
Steven Scallorn: positive for sugar and carbs, this places him at Shipley's.
Melissa Fasolino: positive for starch and fats, this places her at Schoepffs BBQ.

5 o'clock PM, September 3rd
Victim was with Fasolino and Ciccariello at Schoepff's, likely nauseous due to the poison's side affects after 4 hours
8 o'clock PM, September 3rd
Victim was not answering calls, this was likely because the poison had him unconscious due to it having been 8 hours
12 o'clock AM, September 4th
Victim was dead at this point, as the poison uually kills within twelve hours
The investigation team did an experiment to determine the stomach contents of each of the victims. Through watching for reactions between their stomach contents and a few different chemicals, we figured out what they'd eaten. In addition, this also lets us know where they probably ate.
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