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Estonia And Its Capital

Learn About Estonia And Its Capital!

Tayler Havner

on 29 June 2011

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Transcript of Estonia And Its Capital

Estonia Capital Tallinn Fun Facts Estonia has 1,520 islands!
The highest point in Estonia is
318m and it is call Egg Mountain. Estonia's Flag The blue stands for the sky, the black is the earth that has
nourished us and kept us alive, and the white is the colour
of pureness and hope. Population 410,000 Estonia gained
independence in
1918. Estonians play alot of sports that are alot like what we play such as: cricket,badminton, tennis, chess, swimming, football, and icehockey. Estonian Sports Estonia is larger
than Denmark or
Holland Estonian Ghosts and Legends The ancient Gustav Adolf Grammar school in the Old Town was built into a monastery surrounding the Russian Orthodox church. People say, that on quiet nights you can still hear, and see, monks walking the old stone stairs. The Old Town's main square, Raekoja, was used for medieval torture and allegedly for executions, too. The site of the shame-pole is marked with a large, circular stone right in the centre of the square. The shame-pole was used as a penalty, wrong-doers were tied to the pole for days so people passing by could throw stones, rotten fruit and eggs at them. Badminton
Racket Playing Chess Denmark Holland Presented to you by:
Tayler Havner
John Adkins
and Emily Ellison
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