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Stress Management Final Project

Personal Lifestyle Plan

Madeline Cipro

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Stress Management Final Project

Personal Lifestyle Plan Stress Management Effects of stress Body: Previous Methods: Prior to taking this class, I had difficulty identifying stress and causes of stress in my life.
Relaxation techniques I used included:
Listening to music
Taking dance or yoga classes
Blocking out emotions
Avoiding the cause of the stress
Some of these techniques were successful and I will continue to use them
Others were more harmful than helpful, I will try to not use those techniques anymore My Lifestyle Plan To improve my stress management, I plan to: 3. Employ Strategies Mind: Spirit: Emotions: Tension and aching in my neck, back, and shoulders
Trouble sleeping Forgetfulness
Lack of focus
Over thinking
Mild anxiety Diminished sense of faith
Feeling of isolation Lower self-esteem
second guessing myself
nervousness 1. Identify the causes of stress in my life School Work Future Increased responsibility
keeping good grades
being on time to classes
being prepared for class
having time to study and do homework
managing final projects
researching, applying, and deciding on a transfer school Working for my parents:
Increased pressured to not make mistakes
More responsibility
Getting called in to work when I'm not scheduled
Being a waitress:
coping with difficult customers
time management
moving and thinking quickly
stress from co-workers
trying to keep patience
physically demanding
Immediate: Down the road: Financial worries
summer work
scheduling classes
final projects
applying to transfer schools
Graduating college
Where to live
Career choices
Connections to Family/Friends
2. Create Relaxation techniques: Make more "me" time read a book
listen to music
talk with friends and family
get more sleep
create art
watch a movie
do a hobby Try Something from class: Keeping a journal
Eating healthy
Looking at it in perspective
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Talking to a professional
Walking a Labyrinth
Keep organized
make lists and schedules for school, work, and future plans
Stay Healthy
eat well
exercise every day
stay mentally fit
know my stressors and keep in mind ways to cope with them The End By Madeline Cipro
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