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All the Light We Cannot See Symbols and Themes

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Blake Motl

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of All the Light We Cannot See Symbols and Themes

All the Light We Cannot See Symbols and Themes
Tragedy of War
The tragedy of war is a major theme throughout the book and is seen through characters emotions. Family members are taken away from Marie Laure such as her father and her uncle Etieene because of German inhabitants. The losing of her family members makes her feel worried and vulnerable while she is forced to hide from the German forces. Werner also witnesses the tragedy of war. He entered the war cause at the age of 16 and saw many of his close friends either die or become severely injured. For example, his friend Frederick was almost beaten to death just because he would not kill somebody. The tragedies of war are apparent throughout the novel and majorly change the character's mindsets.

Werner- Radio
The radio was a symbol for Werner because it was a key part of his life through childhood until his death. The radio symbolized the connection of people all around the world. This connection is shown through Werner's intelligence with manipulating radios, which led him into the war and led him to finding Maire Laure.
Marie Laure- 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Throughout the novel, one thing that stays constant is Marie Laure finding comfort through Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Her father had bought this book for her on her birthday and she read it through good times and bad. Once her father was taken to a German prison camp and Etieene is taken away, the book is all she has left. She reads the book through Etieene's radio in order to give other people comfort through hardships.
A major theme in the novel is the struggle between how much power the characters have to control their own destinies. During the time of war, Werner and Marie Laure often feel like they have no control over the life they live. However by the end of the novel, the two meet and feel that they were meant to be in the same room together. For the rest of the book, the two feel less vulnerable and start taking actions into their own hands.
The theme is hope is extremely important in the book and is what keeps the characters going during tragic times. Whether it is Von Rumpel's desperate hope to find the Sea of Flames, or Marie Laure's hope to be saved from the German soldiers, hope is prevalent throughout the book.
Monsieur Leblanc (Dad)- Model of Saint Malo
Once Marie Laure goes blind, Monsieur Leblanc creates a model of Saint Malo in order to help her learn her way around the city. The model represents the care and love he has for his daughter. Once Monsieur Leblanc is taken to a German prison camp, the model reminds Marie Laure of her father and how much he cared about her.
Etieene Leblanc (Uncle)- Clair de Lune
Von Rumpel-Sea of Flames
Clair de Lune is a symbol for Eteene because it is the song that he plays of the radio as a cover up after transmitting numbers to the French resistance. The song fights agaist dark and despair for Etieene and Marie Laure and remind people of a life worth living.
According to legend, the diamond grants the person who owns it eternal life but harms the loved ones of that owner. The Sea of Flames represents hope for Von Rumpel becuase he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is desperate to find a cure. He never loses hope in the stone, even when his cancer has progressed so far that he can barely move.
22 part B: evaluate the relevance of information to the topic and determine the reliability, validity, and accuracy of sources by examining their authority and objectivity
21 part A, B, and C:
20 part A: brainstorm, consult with others, decide on a topic, and formulate a major research question to address the major reasearch topic
23 part B: porvide an analysis for the audience that reflects a logical progression of ideas and a clearly stated point of view
15 part D: produce a multimedia presentation(newspaper)
23 part C: use graphics and illustrations to help explain concepts when appropriate
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