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No description

Alizah Shabbar

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of construction..

Crane Operator LIFE AS A LIFE AS A CRANE OPERATOR A crane operator is in charge of the following:
loading/off loading heavy equipment to and from various locations
control machines that lift extremely heavy objects Average Income
Approx $50,000-$60,000/yr
Most experienced operators get paid $35,000-$100,000
plus benefits Work Conditions include:
working outdoors in noisy and dusty environments
working in all types of conditions (rain, snow, or heat)
normal hours of work are 40 hours/week (can be changed to meet construction deadlines)
many hazards/injuries which could be caused by power line contact, crane overload, falls, and weather conditions
may be required to lift objects that weigh over 25 kgs
sitting for long periods of time Personal Qualities
skills - the ability to work at heights, hand-eye coordination
interests - teamwork
personality - patient, hard working, cooperative
values - responsibility of safety of the surroundings and people Qualifications
Entry level (Apprenticeship) must possess a high school diploma and be employed with an employer who is willing to enter into an apprenticeship agreement with you
depending on the where you live, certain kinds of crane operator licenses are mandatory, others are optional but highly recommended
can obtain this education at an apprenticeship (18 min.), college/vocational school, and training program
Average Education/Training Time - Apprenticeship often between 1,000 and 6,000 hours (6 mnths-6 yrs). 1-3 years of education.
Crane technology develops constantly. Crane operators need to take classes every few years to keep up with the changes.
Cost of education is $1,200-$1800 Employment, Advancement, Outlook
Demand - The job of being a crane operator is in great demand due to the fact that Canada is still developing and more projects are surfacing in construction pathway.
The Future - As the more experienced people reach retirement more younger and experienced people will be needed therefore there will be more of a demand of crane operators.
Job Promotion Opportunities - As a crane operator, this is based on the amount of experience and knowledge you have. You can become a supervisor or start a crane rental business. Technological Effects
Although technology hasn't really impacted this pathway, mobile cranes operators could be replaced with computer technology behind the main controls.
The crane operator used for buildings are highly unlikely to be impacted, because their more skilled and have to be there in case of an emergency. Earnings
The average starting salary is $15.00-$25.00 based on 1-4 year work experience.
minimum salary is $30,000/year
maximum salary is $100,000/year

Time before reaching Max Pay - 5 years
Salaries vary by community due to the fact that each community is different and the way it is developed is different. Salaries depend on the demand of the job. Unions are available for crane operators, but it depends on if the individual chooses to belong to one or not.
Provide (eg. dental coverage, paid holidays, retirement plans, life and/or disability insurance)
In exchange crane operators pay regular dues
If chosen not to belong in a union, self employed
pay for their own benefits
allows them to set their own hours and work how they choose Advantages of Career
large pay
high demand = active job
many benefits
new skills
getting to know more people in the business = more contacts Disadvantages of Career
weather conditions
overtime working hours
working to reach a deadline
dirty environments
consequences if job is not done properly
always waiting for orders - a lot of patience needed
too many safety precautions Related Jobs

Construction Tradesperson
Read blueprints and estimate materials needed, use power and hand tools to shape metal, wood, glass, etc. Work with other tradespeople to construct buildings of all sizes.

Demolition Expert
Use blueprints to find the structural supports of a building, some use hand tools like sledgehammers and pry bars to take apart rooms or small buildings, others use heavy equipment such as bulldozers to bring down structures, and some use explosives, placed on key supports, to bring down the largest structures. LE FINISH LE FINISH BY ALIZAH SHABBAR Courses

Mathematics Physics
Social Studies
Business & Management
Automotive Technology
Construction Technology
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