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Wedding Slideshow

No description

abi flores

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Wedding Slideshow

Diane & Chuck with their first born!
Yay! Jacob was so excited
for boy scouts! or her... Now, there can't be a love story without them Ruth & Jake's
Wedding Slide Show! Baby Jake
so cute! Awww...
Hi Jake! Baby Jake meets Grandpa & Great-Grandma! Hi Great-
Grandpa! But she was also caring, loving & my big sister
so i have to say all these things... look at all those badges! And we go a few years later... Such a happy baby! Hey there Jake! Halloween Fun! Family pictures
are so corny.
*Wink *Wink She was always the one with the
crazy hair. And the adventurous one.. But she is the best sister we could ask for. She began to grow up before
her parents eyes.... First Memories. Ruth & Jake's
Love Story. WOW, they look young! How adorable! Congratulations to the happy couple!
I wish you nothing but pure happiness &
joy. May God keep blessing you & surround you with his amazing love & grace. love always, Madeline. Soon she would meet a special fella.... Howdy partner!
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