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Data SMARTer

Data analysis using the BI Tool

Leanne Webster

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Data SMARTer

Coffee Table activity

With your elbow partner, discuss how the coffee table represents your teaching style.

Write this on the back of your coffee table.

Collaborate to devise a data plan which looks at how to / how often to use data in the following ways:
• Leadership - data regarding trends in the whole school

• Curriculum leaders – analysing cohort SRS, NAPLAN and PAT (progressive achievement test) data to make changes to teaching programs, assessment pieces
Data 'SMART'er with the BI Tool
What are you going to take off your coffee table?
Last on is usually first to fall off

Make room for this tool and other ideas you have heard today
Pastoral Leaders – analysing attendance data and other wellbeing data, awards and activity participation

Teachers (all of us!) – analysing class SRS data to make changes to teaching plans and using NAPLAN data to create individual learning goals for students
The BI Tool
(Business Intelligence Tool)
assists us with understanding:
Privacy considerations
All staff are reminded that they have a professional commitment and responsibility to use the data that they can now access appropriately and to maintain confidentiality and security all times

Use or discussions of the data for purposes other than that (for example, checking up on friends’ children or on the progress of students in colleagues’ classes without their permission/participation) would be considered professionally inappropriate.

I present the BI Tool
WE use it together
YOU use it
Data Use Survey

Learning Intentions:
Success Criteria:
By the end of this session, you will:
understand how the BI Tool works
In order to be successful you need to:
be able to use the BI Tool to retrieve student attendance, NAPLAN, and SRS data
consider future uses of data in your planning
• Where are our learners? Feedback for teachers!
• Which students require additional support/challenge?
• What works, what doesn’t - Reviewing previous interventions/support strategies?
• Where to next - what do we need to do to meet the goals & aspirations of our learners?

Use of Data
The data are nothing without conversations and collaboration to put faces on the data.
The data are all about the students, they tell a story if we spend time discussing it.
Data are used to make whole school improvement, right down to individual student improvement.

We need to be SMART about what we use.

Develop SMART goals about our use of data.
Survey of our current
data use
I have emailed the following link to you
Please complete it now.
10 mins
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