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Making Waves - National Broadband Network

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Natasha Sharma

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of Making Waves - National Broadband Network

Why is Australia converting to this Network?
How will the National Broadband Network impact everyday lives of Australians?
The NBN will impact the everyday lives of Australians in many ways. It will impact Australians by given them an easier and more reliable broadband network to work with, which will be high speed with less drop outs. This will make it much easier to download the latest music and movies, do assignments for school and it will be much more easier to surf the net. Another impact is that it will be easier to from home,as the will be using the same internet, this will allow stay at home parents to work and earn money. But this is one of the most expensive broadband infrastructures, which might impact people financially.
National Broadband Network
Compare the National Broadband Network to how another nation acquires their internet connections.
Opinion on whether I agree or disagree that the National Broadband Network is a great advancement in technology
The National Broadband Network (NBN), is the next level of broadband network, which will be a high speed and reliable network for Australians. This is a new construction of lines (cabling), replacing the existing phone lines with fibre optic cables.

What is the National Broadband Network?
Australians are converting to this network , as they want faster and more efficient internet connections. This network allows faster downloads on the internet, you can stream online TV, easier to stay in touch with friends and family, very good quality video calls without connection drop outs, easier to work from home and can be used more efficiently for education and health.
The NBN is a new technology, which operates through optic fibres. Optic fibre is a faster way of transferring data to get internet. At the moment data is being transferred through a copper wire, which has a lot of drop outs and slows down, as data travels further distances. Optic fibre is a thin plastic or glass which allows the data to travel further with less drop outs.
How does the National Broadband Network Operate?
I agree that the Nation Broadband Network is a great advancement in technology, as it provides people with better internet connections, and it will put Australia as the number one country to have NBN. Having NBN will make the lives of everyday Australians much easier. It will allow us to connect with family and friends more often and can be used for education and health purposes.
Niue is a country that uses wireless internet (WIFI). This internet access is available to everybody in the country and there is no need for cabling. This is called 3G and 4G wireless services. This delivers download speeds up to 300mb/ps. NBN will deliver speeds up to 1000mb/ps. Wireless signals can only be available where there are WIFI hot spots and can drop out a, NBN will provide continuous internet connections without drop outs, but NBN will be very costly for Australian.
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How the NBN works

How NBN is connected
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