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Alice in Wonderland Mind Map

No description

Kaia Villanueva

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Alice in Wonderland Mind Map

Alice in Wonderland Mind Map
At the bank of a river
A long, low hall
The lovely garden
Tea Party
The house of the white rabbit
Croquet Ground
Person vs. Self
Deciding whether she should drink the bottle since it might have been poisonous
Person vs. Nature
Pool of tears
Person vs. Person
Queen vs. Alice
Person vs. Society
Court room
Lesson or Moral:
Growing up, to see how adult's life is
Central Idea:
To teach kids about life and how hard it can be sometimes
About a young girl, Alice, who is sitting along the bank of a river when she notices a rabbit in clothing run by. The rabbit says he is late and jumps down a hole through which Alice follows. This is where her adventure begins with many bizarre happenings and meetings of different people. She comes upon locked doors that she unopens with a key she finds. Strange things such as drinking a potion shrinks her, and eating a piece of cake grows her back.

Queen of Hearts
Secondary Characters
White Rabbit
Mad Hatter
The Foot-man
In the middle of novel, Alice learns how wonderland works by drinking just enough potion or eating just enough cake to either shrink or grow in order to manuver through wonderland as she is searching for the garden.While in the garden, Alice meets playing cards who are painting white roses red because they didn't plant them, and the Queen will behead them if she finds out. Alice saves the cards by hiding them.

In the last part of the book, Alice finds herself in a courtroom where the Jack of Hearts is on trial for stealing the Queen's tarts. This trial is just as chaotic as the beginning and middle of the book. As Alice begins to grow again, she becomes bolder and points out the absurdity of the trial. The Queen orders her head to be cut off, and Alice retaliates by saying that she is not afraid of playing cards. At this point, the cards begin flying at her and she awakes from this dream. It ends with Alice telling her sister of her dream, and her sister telling Alice that she will soon grow up, but to keep her "heart of childhood."
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