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Farting science fair

No description

Rhys Hutchinson

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Farting science fair

My science fair
science fair
aim: To find out what foods make you fart the most
What makes a fart?
An average fart is made of:
What types of farts are there
The daily farts The Platte fart The fart party The bean fart The office fart The surprise fart The collected fart
how are farts made
e.coli are bacteria that are commonly found in the intestines of humans and animals they are not harm full to people they only make you fart :)
what foods make you fart more test
1 beans 2 eggs 3 eggplant 4 cheese 5 curry 6 fizzy 7 broccoli 8 cabbage
59% Nitrogen 21%H hydrogen 9% Carbon dioxide 7% Methane
4% Oxygen 1% Hydrogen sulfide/the smelly part
=100% Fart!
Aim: To find out what foods make you fart the most?What is normal? How many farts do you do Rhys?
Where do capital letters belong?

Maybe you need to put how does your
body produce farts?
What are farts made from?

What are these
farts like? Can you
describe each fart?

How does e coli make you fart though? What do
they do? Check your spelling and capital letters
Is this a list?
Make sure these are bullet
pointed. Like this:
1. Beans

How do you know this? How are
you going to test it?
How much are you going to eat?

Are you only going to eat broccoli for
a whole day? How long does it take to
digest food?

These are questions you will need to answer
please Rhys.
The daily farts are smelly not very loud .................. The Platte fart is a back fire of poop that comes with the fart.......................................The fart party is just a lot of farts including the daily and the Platte fart
The bean fart mixed with daily and platte

not complete
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