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Tire Traction Friction For Science Project One World Project

In this prezi i will show you the wonders of Tire Traction

Hassan Chehab

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Tire Traction Friction For Science Project One World Project

Tire traction is also
great for economical uses.
Since tire traction can make you go faster in cars safely it encourages people to buy the car or tires. This is very effective for business because SOME people dont like crashing into others Tire Traction! Tire traction does many things like making cars go slow or fast SAFLY to help you with many things. Making the wheels go faster allows you to get to a meeting or coffee shop or whatever you do you will arrive on time. Unless there's traffic, like there always is. Using tire traction there has been less accidents more and more but they still have accidents because people are stupid!! Using tire traction people go fast safely. If you are on and icy road then tire traction will come in handy without it u WILL crash into a building, car or anything solid and big in your way Tire traction fits in political and economy stuff its fits in political because police use tire treads in crime scenes to find the license plate on the car and owner of the getaway car or a hit and run car. When the tire tracks are left on the ground from the car that escaped realy fast the police can find out the people or driver in the getaway car Tire traction uses kinetic
energy (Rolling Friction)
Under dry conditions on paved roads, a smooth tire gives better traction than
a grooved or patterned tread because a larger
area of contact is available to develop the frictional forces. By Hassan
Chehab Hi
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