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Everyday Chemical Reactions

Propane Combustion

Burzin Rao

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Everyday Chemical Reactions

Propane Combustion Everyday Chemical Reactions Propane Grill Burzin Rao Properties Development Of Barbeque E.G. Kingsford invented the charcoal briquette Later On After Doing some research Later On Combustion Reaction Thanks For Watching Propane is a carbon containing molecule Physical Chemical pH Not available. Vapor pressure 1034.1 - 1241 kPa
Vapor density 1.6 Flammability limits in air,
upper, % by volume
9.5 % Appearance: Colorless liquefied gas
State: Gas
Form: Compressed liquefied gas
Odor: Boiling Cabbage
Boiling Point: -42 degrees C
Freezing Point: -182 degrees C
Solubility (water): 6.5% v/v
Specific Gravity: 0.58 C3H8+ O2 H2O +CO2 Propane and Oxygen produce Water and Carbon Dioxide When Complete Combustion takes place Skeleton Equation C3H8+ 5O2 4H2O +3CO2 Balanced Chemical Equation Incomplete combustion can also occur
This is when products also include Carbon Monoxide(CO) and Carbon(C)
Carbon Monoxide be dangerous and could kill you 4C3H8 + 4O2 CO2 + 2CO + 4H2O + C Incomplete Combustion Pre Colonial Times Since this time the Arawak people used wooden structures to roast meat on, the Barbacoa There are both positive and negative effects on the environment Like all Combustion it creates pollution in our environment However it does not pollute as much as octane, or combustion of wood This issue also increases holes in the ozone layer letting in harmful rays such as U.V. rays, X rays and Gamma Rays He also urged Henry Ford to have a charcoal manufacturing facility beside the manufacturing facility Charcoal is made by burning wood, or other substances in oxygen deprived environments Phillip Arnold was a sales engineer for the natural-gas public utility in Milwaukee. He took a challenge from his boss to develop a product for the home that could burn gas. Making it a good way to enjoy barbequed food and have limited effects on the environment The use of propane also has a reaction on the economy. The invention and use of LP also creates a desire to innovate in society

It creates a need and use for technological advancements and changes Application It creates a desire to own a barbeque, making it a leisure item.
Additionally boosts the sales of LP (liquid propane) Propane Combustion Everyday Chemical Reactions Burzin Rao Liquid propane gas When compressed it turns to liquid Single bonded carbons
And many more Propane can also be used for
Fuel electronics
Hot air balloons
Etc It also provides different ways to obtain energy
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