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1/29 The End of French Louisiana

No description

Liz Skilton

on 27 August 2018

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Transcript of 1/29 The End of French Louisiana

Plan for the week --> catch up from Sneaux Days & get to Spanish Louisiana
Louisiana History
The End of French Louisiana
From Stock Company to Royal Colony
Pulled from Louisiana after 25 Years There!

Bienville Angers Commissary

As A Result:

The Great Conspiracy – were the French too harsh?

What is known:
Causes food supply chain pushback
2/3 of French troops in LA injured or sick at end
Company of Indies loses $$ and wants out of LA

What the Natchez War Does:

Take control back from Company of Indies

Appoint Bienville as Governor
Returns to New Orleans at 53 years old (remember, left in charge for first time at 21!)

Louisiana, A Royal Colony
(Option A)

Serves 10 years (

Tries to address N.A. problem – fails. (Chickasaw Indian Conflicts)

Eventually asks to retire (1740), but it takes 3 years to find a replacement

Governor Bienville

The English Turn & Bienville's Legacy
New governor --
Etienne de Perier
--ordered to get more land for plantations/settlement

Puts pressure on N.A. to relinquish land

N.A. relations go sour over White Apple Village, starting with
The Natchez War

Natchez attack (235 killed), Governor responds

Massive criticism for slaughter of Natchez (
extinct within 3 years

Louisiana: A Royal Colony, 1731-1763
Next Governor – Marquis de Vaudreuil

Known for
lavish parties
& putting party in Louisiana

Applauded for LA growth – given Governor position in Canada after 10 years

“The Grand Marquis”

Not as well-liked as the Marquis

Managed to bribe N.A. with gifts to settle issues

Going to steer LA until turned over to Spanish

However, imprisoned for corruption in France afterward, dies days after name cleared.

Louis Billouart de Kerlerec

Things To Remember (French Louisiana)
Three Major Periods:
Stock Company
Royal Colony

Many rulers -- ask where Bienville is during all to help situate policies

Immigrant waves -- French, African, German, Irish, etc.

2. What is the difference between a proprietorship and a stock company model of colony governance?

3. How does the French colony alter between the two -- in terms of....
Legal policy
Economic output
Racial makeup
Spanish Louisiana
How Does Louisiana Become A Spanish Colony?
Because of the English....
The Seven Years War
aka -- The French & Indian War
Louisiana as a Punishment!
Say What?!
Spain Takes Over, Resentfully
Complete reformation of city structure & laws
Builds Louisiana into a viable & highly producing region by introduction of SUGAR & COTTON
Promotes high settlement of region
Meanwhile, In Canada
British kick out individuals from Acadia

Worry that they will band together with N.A. tribes again in region

Forced expulsion in 2 waves & to 4 places
Louisiana, the British (American) Colonies, the Caribbean, & France
Governor Antonio de Ulloa
Took 1 year to make to New Orleans after arriving in Louisiana (Balize)

Hated so much by French people that he:

-- Could not fly the Spanish flag in Jackson Square

-- Was eventually forced to flee Louisiana by a mob during a rebellion shortly after taking over!

-Insurrection of 1768
Result: General Alejandro O'Reilly Dispatched
Irish Roman Catholic, distinguished Spanish general

Executed by firing squad those involved in uprising
-"Bloody O'Reilly"

Marked firm establishment of Spanish rule -- expelled British traders, encouraged Spanish port trade, firm rules, improved Indian relationships, and enacted new laws
-"Code O'Reilly"

Followed by other generals & leaders: Luis de Unzaga & Bernardo de Galvez
The Crash of the Mississippi Bubble:
Stock prices inflate 1720, LA not making enough $$ to support. Run on the banks

So What To Do About Louisiana?

Het groote Tafereel de Dwaasheid
(The Great Mirror of Folly)
John Law's Policies Go Belly Up
At the Same Time in Louisiana
Dates to Know:
1699-1711 -- Louisiana an undefined
1699 -- Iberville & Bienville form settlement
1706 -- Iberville dies
1706-1711 -- Louisiana colony under Bienville's rule, but not as official "Governor", has Business Manager overseeing him

1712 -- Crozat appointed as proprietor
1712-1717 --
Proprietary Period

1717 -- John Law received Company of Indies charter
1717-31 --
Stock Company Period
1717-1720 -- Massive influx of immigrants, $$, interest in Louisiana during early stock company period
1720 -- Crash of MS Bubble

1731-1763 -- Louisiana a Royal Colony
Royal Colony Period

5 Years
14 Years
12 Years
32 Years
1. Explain the context behind this meme (courtesy of The Daily Crawfish
The Company of the Indies
& John Law's Great Economic Plan
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